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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Pachelbel Daddy

Kudos to Carmen for sending me this video. It came at a very appropriate time considering the amount of night-type interruptions we've been having around here. Our good little sleeper has become our (early) morning person (and I'm not talking about Conner), and Olivia...

Olivia! She seems to think that the house is her playground to explore, preferably when everyone else is trying to sleep. At least she has the sense not to go outside. (Give it time?) I get up and find her trail of crumbs: her barbie doll put to bed in a laundry basket; an empty cheese wrapper tossed on the floor; Sean-Peter's cars lined up against the wall.

Since her wanderings seem to be the result of her difficulty falling asleep, and Sean-Peter's are his refusal to go back to sleep, you can imagine how the adults aren't very happy with the amount of time left in between.

If you haven't seen the video already, it is definitely worth a look-see. And the guy can sing.
Sean-Peter thinks "Pachelbel Bedtime" is funny, too.

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Kathy from NJ said...

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