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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

So Conner came home from school yesterday and tells us, "It's Halloween!" And we're like, "Uh, no, it's not." We totally blew him off.
Then John is outside and runs into our neighbor, who has had his entire lawn decorated as a cemetery for weeks now, complete with a boulder-sized inflatable spider and gargantuan skull.

He invited us to stop by later for their annual neighborhood gathering; they all hang out by the haunted garage and cook hotdogs over a fire. So John's like, "Isn't Halloween tomorrow?"

Color us ignorant, but we don't have to be hit over the head twice. We learned that in this area if Halloween falls on a Wednesday, Friday or Sunday, it's celebrated the day before. Wednesday because of church, Friday because of football games, and Sunday -- well, duh.

Even if John hadn't run into our neighbor we probably would have caught on pretty quickly when the trick-or-treaters started showing up by dinnertime. We struggled to get the little ones to eat a few bites of dinner before we gave up and got them into their own gear.
A couple of weeks ago I had asked Conner if he wanted to look for a costume and he professed zero interest. Of course, last night he declared he wanted to go trick-or-treating after all, which you absolutely do not do without a costume. That's the ultimate tacky. So Conner thought of going out in one of John's uniforms. And I'm like, uh, don't you think it's a little too cold to go swimming? Then I remembered that I had recently come across an old uniform of mine, which is only barely too big for my preteen son and quite a bit less inappropriate for him to wear as a costume. If it weren't for the tennis shoes, he might look a little too legit.

Sean-Peter got tired of taking pictures pretty quick. We assured him we would get going in just a minute.
Okay, all better. What a stinker.

We just went up and down part of our street, and it was more than enough.

Man, does this town get into Halloween. We did go by our neighbor's and enjoy their cookout and haunted garage. They seemed fascinated that this was the little ones first real Halloween experience, and the kids enjoyed the good luck of living next door to a couple that really go all out. Can't wait to see what they do for Christmas.


Cherilyn said...

Olivia, what a beautiful costume! You look like a snow princess!

Love, Aunt Cheri

Carmen said...

It looks like they give out the good stuff out there in Ohio. None if this Tootsie Roll cheap fix!

Tam said...

Great Halloween Pictures. Love your blog. I hit the next blog button by accident the first time I came across your blog..and I think you do a great job on it.

Kathy from NJ said...

I didn't know that you were in the military also. What did you do? I have a niece who is in the ROTC program at Widener University where she is studying nursing. She's really into all the army stuff.

A Military Spouse said...

I was in the air force training to be a linguist, but I got out early when I had my son. Your niece will do well if she goes the military route in the medical field.

Veronica Mitchell said...

What adorable pictures.

A linguist, huh? My husband has an old friend who was a military cryptolinguist.