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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Sean-Peter officially has a cold, the first real sickness in this family throughout this PCS. To say that's amazing doesn't quite describe what is really, truly a miracle, and a blessing that has not gone unnoticed. Especially in this Move That Keeps on Going. I have thanked God for that in so many prayers, the only one I have dared mention it to with the conflicted notion that talking about something means it'll happen because now it's "out there".

I was reminded of how remarkable this has been when my friend Ruth called me yesterday and described their morning. They're running out the door to get the kids to school (private school, a bit of a drive) only to find traffic at a standstill. They're sure they're going to be late getting Mark to the airport to catch a flight to Dallas to pick up their car that just arrived from Italy. Luckily, Ruth is an experienced mother of chaos and already knows the back roads. Recently they had taken their oldest daughter in to the doctor to check out why she's been having stomach pains, so as they're zipping through the neighborhoods, they get a call from the clinic telling them that she has a kidney stone. They're thinking, a 12-year-old with a kidney stone? while literally pushing the kids out of the car at their school -- all except for Ellen who is in the backseat throwing up.

Then, as we're talking, Ruth walks into her backyard and notices some water gushing out of the ground. A burst pipe? Who knows? She ended the phone call to rush and turn off their water and deal with yet another urgency.

And, yes, they are still dealing with the lice.

So I think I can deal with Sean-Peter having a cold. I'm quite certain the 40-degree temperature drop we just experienced has something to do with its sudden onset. And maybe his running around outside in said dropped temperature in his barefeet and a short-sleeved tee. Never mind that his father thought he was upstairs with me and I thought he was downstairs with his father; apparently he was outside with his brother who didn't see a problem with his brother being dressed for the summer weather we just had 24 hours ago instead of the winter weather that decided to start yesterday.

Without so much as a Fall Day in between. I knew that was going to happen.

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