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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Another Casualty of War

I've been up to my belly in boxes again, after taking a breather for a bit. In a box full of frames I unearthed a single casualty.In case you can't tell from this wonderful photograph, those are shards of glass reflecting the light from above. In retrospect, perhaps the photo quality would have been better had I taken it somewhere else. I guess I was more interested in keeping it in a safe place and not moving around with itty bitty pieces of glass and risking the shredding of itty bitty feet.

This is our wedding photo, such as it is. We more or less eloped (in Vegas, coincidentally) and I never had a wedding dress. We had this taken during our reception, which my family hosted in my hometown a couple of months later, and it turned out despite the gusts of wind that required John to hold my hair back behind my neck.

This photo has been in this frame through all of our moves, in however many boxes, for 13 years now. For it to shatter now, the sole casualty in a box containing nothing but frames, just doesn't seem right. It's been through so much, what was it about this box that it couldn't handle?

The miracle is that, despite the shards of glass that peppered the photo underneath the paper it was wrapped in (lotta good that did), the photo itself is virtually unscathed. There are a couple of tiny nicks, but only one stands out, and you can almost pretend it's part of the background.

The frame itself is bent, but I hung it up anyway. One day I'll be out and about and a new frame will find me, but in the meantime it's nice to have something up that has always graced our walls wherever we've lived. It'll be hard to let go: after all these years I still like the original frame I picked out. Some people just know good taste.

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Kathy from NJ said...

If the frame itself is OK you can probably have a piece of glass cut for it at a hardware or craft store where they do framing.