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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Right-Brain, Left-Brain?

Maybe it's cheating because I got this from another blog, but she got it from another blog, too, so whatever.

Conner saw her spinning clockwise, as did John. But John could make her switch without effort. Olivia and I very readily saw her spinning one direction then changing to another while we were still watching.

It's totally trippy. Do it with your kids and your spouse. I want to know what everyone sees!


Cherilyn said...

Okay, she switched back and forth for me. Still trying to decide if I want the husband and pubescent pre-teen and teenage boys to see the dancing naked woman. I would be in shock if they came back right brained except maybe Grant.

The Dahlsten's said...

Okay, I had Mark look and he was right-brained. He is left handed which I know usually implies right-brained. However, I would not use most of those words under right-brained to describe him!

A Military Spouse said...

Uh, yea. I guess living in Italy desensitizes you to "neckedness". Conner didn't even bat an eye. (And, obviously, neither did I.)

judy said...

She's spinning?!

Carmen said...

I saw it going clockwise and had a hard time making the switch. But if I looked left, I could make it go counter-clockwise, and then had a hard time shifting it back to clockwise until I would look to the right. Reed saw clockwise. Jake saw counter-clockwise. Ben and Rich have not done it yet.