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Sunday, September 30, 2007

It was a beautiful weekend, and we worked to get the kids outside despite all that is pulling us inside. John tried out the new mower; maybe the final cut before cold weather hits? But he didn't have his little helper this time...

Sean-Peter wouldn't touch his "mower" until John (and Conner took a turn) were done and the real thing was off. My little no-fear guy who used to run and try to sit on the Real Thing now wants to run away from it and jump into my arms. A little PCS PTSD? Or just finally a healthy appreciation for Things Which Might Cause Bodily Harm?

Here's the little guy and his sister running to play on the swingset. At the neighbor's. The ones I introduced myself to within, like, five minutes of getting the keys to this place. The same ones I assured that we are not the suing type. Lo, and behold! They're military, too. Albeit recently retired. What a small world. (Or maybe just a big base.)

Yes, Olivia is in a "Princess Dress". But that doesn't slow her down.

Here's the boys throwing the football, but in our backyard.
And here's what an eat-in kitchen looks like after two-plus hours of unpacking boxes in the wee hours (my definition) of a Sunday morning. Thanks for the wake-up call, Sean-Pete. I liked you better when you didn't crawl out of your crib.
And, yes, the wall border will have to go. I don't do wall border. And the only reason you see something hanging on the wall is because there was a nail already there and I just hung up something to get it out of the way. I know some of you are studying this. You freaks.

I also don't do country, but the chairs came with the garage-sale table, which I love. Who cares what kids do to a table you spent $50 on?! And it's got its own, je ne sais quoi.

(And, yes again, I did look up that spelling. I also don't do French.)

Here's the corner in the living room where the boxes came from.
There is a dent in there, honest.


Kim said...

Oh, the boxes! I know the feeling all too well. I always love the feeling of accomplishment when I get to toss newly empty boxes onto the pile. Have fun unpacking!

Kathy from NJ said...

I spoke to my AF nephew tonight and he is aware that the BX is not always the cheapest option - he recently bought a new computer at the BX but bought the warranty at the Mac store in town. He has his "dollar ride" in the C-5 on Thursday. I am a little nervous.

A Military Spouse said...

My husband's not a flyer, but they took him up in an F-16 once for a course he was taking. He was so proud of himself because he didn't throw up, which those pilots pride themselves on making the "intel weenies" do. I think C-5 pilots are a bit more laid-back!