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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Too Tired To Blog

I was planning on blogging last night, but then I fell asleep while putting Olivia to bed. After that I fell asleep putting Sean-Peter to bed. Then again when I put Olivia back to bed.

I decided to read the writing on the wall and just go to bed. Mine, this time. Only to not be able to go to sleep. Gotta love it.

I steadfastly resisted the urge to get up and wile away time on the boob tube, or on this blog, or on reading blogs, or unpacking yet another box -- or anything else that would result in a second wind and a bedtime in the wee morning hour. (So far this move I have successfully resisted getting into a good book: a definite productivity killer.) But there's nothing I hate worse than John coming to bed after me and then falling asleep before me, so I decided to try some melatonin (the great jet-lag cure) and not much later I woke up to John's alarm at oh-six early. And Sean-Peter was still asleep!

Wouldn't you know it. He couldn't do this on a weekend. Because, of course, I couldn't get back to sleep after John's alarm went off. That kid has been killing me.

Instead I laid there and enjoyed the stillness of it all. Just me and my thoughts and my prayers for the day. I desperately wanted a cup of coffee to go along with them, but I was half-afraid that when Sean-Peter didn't find me in the bedroom as he was accustomed he would go into Olivia's instead and get his wake-up call out on her. I feared this for a reason.

I planned on telling you about our weekend and how it was spent dealing with issues that you have when you buy a not-new home and how we have a new-found intimate relationship with a plumber and how we finally! visited a church that we liked and plan to return to and how far behind John is in studying for the SOS correspondence course (don't ask) and that Conner is doing just dandy in school and has already made some great friends and how he just went to a school-run "social" and had a great time. But all of that will have to wait because, despite the little extra sleep I got last night I am still tired. I even went to the commissary today, two preschoolers in tow, and forgot my list. I hate that. Almost more than exhausted insomnia.

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The Dahlsten's said...

Carmen and I had been wondering how you have had time to unpack, make decisions about where it all goes, track and entertain and feed preschoolers, figure out a new school, help with massive amounts of homework AND blog. Now we know! Sleep depravation! That actually makes us feel better because we were starting to get a complex, sharing mostly the same genes and all, that we couldn't do the same!

My vote is catch up on the sleep, let the house go and keep blogging!