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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Mary and the Houses

Olivia and I were enjoying a nice lunch together after Sean-Peter finished and went off to play with his trains.

"It's nice when a mommy and a little girl just get to eat lunch together, isn't it? Then we can tell stories!"

"Do you have story you want to tell me?"

She didn't waste any time.

Mary and the Houses

Mary was running away from the houses. Because the houses were monsters. And also, the lambs were holding tight to her shoulders. Because she was not letting them get lost.

"This is good talking about stuff!"

Mary was too tired to run anymore. The monsters tippy-toed to her and they finally got her.

"It's a funny story, isn't it!"

And also, The End.

Sheesh. I guess we need to lay off the nursery rhymes.

I think what cracks me up most is how she started out with a title, like she had this whole story all organized in her head.

Then again, maybe she did. This may be a little insight into why she continues to get out of bed at night because "I can't get used to it!"

1 comment:

judy said...

I think it's because she could see the lady spinning both directions at will. Her brain must be very active. Or else she's feeling very responsible for taking care of everyone! If so, she's found a way to deal with it. I think I'm way over analyzing this!