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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Bama Rama

So John's sponsor is showing him around work, randomly introducing him to people they happen to run into. He already knows John is an Alabama fan, so when they come to some guys with a bunch of Ohio State paraphernalia on their desks he makes a point to mention that John's not exactly on their side.
After some adamant declarations about John's kind not being welcome around here and who does he think he is they proceed to activate some Ohio Buckeye doll that starts playing a tinny rendition of the Ohio fan song, at which point these grown men start waving their arms around in letter shapes and cheering: "O! H! I! O!"
John, being John, doesn't miss a beat. "Hey, it's the Village People! Which one of you is the Indian and which one's the cop?"
The poor guys turn red in the face while another co-worker nearby (who just happened to be a fellow Alabamian, albeit a different shade than John) can barely control his glee, clearly enjoying the show.
This was so much fun that his sponsor led him into a corner filled with some Auburn fans.
Game on.
More adamant declarations, even some hits below the belt.
Then they found out that John even went to Auburn!
"Yea, I was a sleeper agent."
This was just too much for them. But John wasn't done. After incredulously asking how someone who went to Auburn could end up a 'Bama fan, John soothes them with
"Yeah . . . Auburn's a nice little cow-town . . ." And as they're fumbling around for a comeback, he delivers the final punch: ". . . and has some of the nicest trailer parks in Alabama!"

I guess to truly understand the spirit of the moment you'd have to be from Alabama; maybe even from Auburn. I'm sure I'm missing some of the nuances of The Fun That Was Had, but John's wisecracks always crack me up, even when I don't get them. John has been forewarned at this new job that it is a "family-friendly environment", which is military-speak for boring. Sounded like they had enough entertainment today to last them the rest of the month. Though I'm sure that Bama Barbs will continue to be dished out. (And wittily defended.)

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