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Saturday, September 22, 2007

We're In!

And someone is very glad to have his train track back!

Our small load of household goods ("Unaccompanied Baggage", aka UB) was able to be delivered on Friday. The Big Bad Load is apparently still enroute. Actually, about a week ago John was told that some of it had arrived in Baltimore, but the rest of it ... had not?

I'm not dwelling on that too much. Though John and I were shocked at the amount of stuff they packed up in Italy ("What, that? That's not ours. I never saw it before in my life.") having some of it arbitrarily lost wasn't the method of down-sizing we had in mind.

But for now we are still sleeping on air mattresses and eating standing up. (Note to self: next time don't forget to hold back the camping chairs for the UB.) Since Sean-Peter's preferred method of dining is Eating While Running -- and he's gotten his crib back, he has noticed nothing amiss. Or maybe he's just too busy being happy with his trains.

The kids slept like champs last night. Sean-Peter greeted his crib like a long-lost friend. They are having a bit of trouble getting to sleep tonight ... wait -- I have to qualify that: Olivia is having trouble getting to sleep tonight. (It's 11:49 and counting.) Whenever she has a nap (which is rarely, for obvious reason) she's like this. It's a good thing for her that her parents are night owls. (Hmmm, do I see a trend?)

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Jerilyn said...

Sean-Peter looks so big! I have got to see you soon. Yes, that night-owl business seems to fun in the family. I can get quite annoying, even for the night owls.