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Sunday, September 23, 2007

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

John spent the entire afternoon putting up a ceiling fan in Conner's room, only to have it not work, so he returned it and got a different one, only to have that one not work. At which point he decided to cut his losses for the day as that whole process had taken hours with nothing to show for it. Tomorrow (hopefully) he will put up the original ceiling fan to determine whether he's really gotten two rejects in a row or if something funny went with the wires in the process. We're sort of suspecting the latter.

The original ceiling fan was fine. But it was just that -- a fan. We thought we'd put up an easy fix for a light by replacing it with a fan that had one. A fan with a light is about $30. Have you priced floor lamps lately?

Everything has seemed to be like that with this move, financially: one step forward, two steps back. We have ultimately decided to go with a used washer and dryer (but still Whirlpool!) which GoodOleBoy is supposed to deliver tomorrow morning. That's effectively saving us some $900 in comparison to the new set on base we had our eyes on. (Yes, even with the discount and tax savings.) And John noticed the base had finally discounted their mowers (one of which we decided we would need right away after all -- what is with this weather?) but instead of getting the riding one he was coveting he went with a push mower. Another $700 saved.

Then today I go to Target and spend over $200. On bar stools (the simplest ones available). Rugs. Bathroom accessories. A trash can. Oh, and a barbie doll for Olivia. How is that possible?

Then I did splurge: on a vacuum! A Dyson! But I had a 20%-off coupon, so doesn't that make it okay?

Besides, the movers destroyed our vacuum. Utterly and completely. We will get reimbursed for it, but not exactly a Dyson's worth amount... But already after using it today I have no regrets. Not a one. Unless maybe that the former owners of these carpets didn't have a Dyson, too.


Jerilyn said...

Did you notice that Google scans the blogs and then puts ads on your page that relate to what you've written? Isn't that pathetic and deplorable? I knew they did that with their email site, which is sneaky enough, but blogs?

Kathy from NJ said...

Jerilyn, some bloggers make big bucks from the ads that appear. I believe the bloggers receive a small amount of money (pennies or less?) every time someone clicks on an ad.

My nephew is in the Air Force, he will finish C-5 training in November. He told me the BX is similar to Target. He also said he can shop at any BX or PX or any military store anywhere. So why did you go to Target?

Are you going to show us pics of the new house?

Kathy from NJ said...

Oh, he also said that some of the BX's (the one in DelRio, TX) are very small - like a large 7-11. Maybe you have a small one in Ohio?

A Military Spouse said...

Wright-Patt is a large base with a BX, but I have learned over the years that tax-free does not necessarily guarantee a better deal. I had shopped around for bar stools, for instance, wanting just the basic wood ones, no back. They were $24.99 at the BX and $16.97 at Target. You learn to shop for certain things on base and certain things elsewhere. Now, the commissary -- those prices are much better than regular grocery stores! Overall, anyway. But here I have found that to be true. (Except for some generic brands, which the commissary doesn't have.)
I could go on and on! Congratulations to your nephew! Am enjoying your comments.

The said...

Jolyn, John and kids, after reading your little speech about not blogging you (is that how you'd say it?) I decided it was about time. It's been great keeping up with your news, I'm sure your mom appreciates your blog so we don't have to keep asking her about you. Just to let you know, Don ceiling fan installation count is now over 100, all done successfully John, although not all without complications. It goes with the job, I guess. I'm sure he'd be glad to do if for you if you lived closer! It would take him, oooohhh, I'd guess about a half and hour. Sorry, I just couldn't resist. We are glad you are safe and sound, and that hopefully we'll get to see you all soon. Give the kids a hug for us.
Aunt Judith

Kathy from NJ said...

I'm going to let my nephew know what you said about shopping around. He's planning to buy a house in the Baltimore area (when he finishes training) and he has a huge shopping list - new flat TV, notebook computer, big ticket items - he said they are giving away an extra 10% if you use a certain credit card. He may do better at Best Buy or someplace else in the Baltimore area. Thanks for the info.

A Military Spouse said...

The BX will also price match, but it has to be the exact same brand,model, etc. You can bring in the ad from the other store, or a manager might call the store for you to verify. I definitely recommend the BX for electronics and other high-ticket items. It's just that, all things being equal, I have learned to not assume it is a good price just because it's at the BX and I don't pay tax.

A Military Spouse said...

Yes, that was mean. Very, very mean.
Does that mean Don will do some work for us around the house when you guys visit? We also have some tile we'd like to lay down...
I see that Emily started a blog! Yea!
John is now struggling with an elbow-vent pipe on the dryer and is NOT having a good time.

JP said...

Yeah, fans normally DO take 30 minutes - so long as the previous owners (or agent thereof) haven't done some ghetto wiring job somewhere in the wall that you have to find. Once I sorted that out, it took about 15 minutes. :P