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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Moving Moments

Our own little supervisor. The day was in good hands. The movers took a football break.(In Italy it was soccer.)
I'm pretty sure this ended up being his lunch. Olivia was soooo excited to find her microphone. She put it together and untangled the cords without even asking for any help. The Singer and the The Soundman.
After the little ones went to bed Conner got to build a track all by himself! We have never (never) had this much living space before. It rocks.Of course, there were the usual casualties. Aside from the inevitable nicks and bruises and wears and tears, so far the damage in this shipment consists of a ripped couch (I think I can fix that if I get to it before the kids jump on it too much); a smashed bookshelf top (not one of the nice ones); some holes torn on a trundle bed; a split in a wood cabinet; a broken trailer light; and, of course, this dish.

Sorry you had to see this, mom.
You might notice in a picture above that there are quite a few people in it, all movers. This is not typical. Apparently they had a slow schedule so they sent extra guys who needed the hours. Needless to say, the job got done exceptionally fast. It was the best unpacking experience we have ever had.
Too bad they don't stay around to be my go-fers. I am exhausted.

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Jerilyn said...

I would recommend a camera like I have, but Cheri has it right now so I can't tell you exactly what it is. I know it's a Cannon, it's a very slim one, which is why I like it - I can slip it in my pocket when I go to the boys games/programs. It has a large viewing area and it takes great pictures even though, if I remember correctly, it only had 3px. And the price was reasonable. I haven't seen that camera in ads lately, so it's probably out-of-date; most of the ones you see now have at least 5px. But mine took better pictures than others with 5px. Anyway, contact your sister - she should be able to give you the model #.