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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Dr. D Strikes Again

Notice anything amiss?

Several months ago the kids and I went to dinner at the home of one of John's co-workers. (We were still living in Italy and John was deployed at the time.) This family has, like, nine cats and counting. They also have three very young children of their own. These cats are extremely tolerant of abuse. So much so that Sean-Peter got the idea that pulling on a cat's tail was a real fun way of playing tug-a-war. They did not fight back; just sort of half-heartedly pulled away, which only encouraged him to think that they were in on the game.

This was very bad for Sean-Peter's future treatment of cats.

When Conner was nine we took a trip to Germany. We went to the open-air market in Munich and he had some money to spend as he pleased. It pleased him greatly to select the two substitute pets you see in the photo above. I did a good job of keeping my opinion to myself, mostly. I mean, we're in Germany and that's what you want to go home with?
Conner is inordinately fond of those two things, still. Unfortunately, Sean-Peter has a history of pulling cats' tails, and these were no exception. Usually we do a pretty good job of staying a half step ahead of him on his Trail of Destruction. But when you're in the middle of a move and unpacking boxes, all bets are off and we find ourselves more like two steps behind. Poor Conner.
In retaliation John bounced Sean-Peter on his head a few times, trying to knock some sense into him.

But this is a healthier distance between Dr. D and anything you want to remain intact.

Notice, boxes are still unpacked. But there's always time to hang up an airplane!

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