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Sunday, January 20, 2008

One of the most annoying things about moving around regularly is always having to find a new hairdresser. I finally got a very overdue haircut the other day, and it went a bit awry. That is, I ended up getting a whole new hairstyle after the stylist tried to correct her mistake on one side...
...and the "trim" turned into a hack job.

See? Now I know, I don't usually post pictures of myself, so if you don't know me personally you really don't have a comparison. Oh, wait -- let's see if I can find a before photo......Yea, so here I am with Olivia banging around on my nephew's drums. I didn't exactly know what I was doing, which wasn't surprising since I can't recall having ever picked up a set of drumsticks before in my life. Except the kind you eat.

It was surprising, however, that this hair stylist -- the manager of the salon -- didn't seem to know her way around a head of hair. My hair. To her credit, it seemed to surprise her more than it did me, almost to the point of mortification, as the "fix" turned into inch after hacked-off inch.
See? It's even shorter in the back. Although Sean-Peter doesn't seem to mind, gazing up at me so adoringly with those beautiful blue eyes and pouty chapped lips.

But where was I. Oh, yea, so after I got home and freaked out a little bit -- I mean, I told her it was no big deal, it's just hair that will grow again blah-blah-blah...which I did believe at the time, until I got home and saw how Lord almighty it is short! I actually started liking it a bit. And in a couple week's time when I can better tuck it behind my ears again I think I might even love it. But what do you think?

I'm really, truly, not fishing for a compliment. I'm genuinely curious. Because I haven't had my hair this short since ... I'm not sure, like another lifetime ago?

In the meantime, here's Olivia again in her new dress. Yes, it's from the thrift store. Really, truly I have been doing a pretty good job of not spending money nor bringing unnecessary stuff into this house, but Olivia actually needed some clothes, and I made a point to avoid the women's sweater rack.
She does love her dresses. And she looks so, I don't know, all prim and proper-like, or something. Boots notwithstanding. Which were also a thrift store purchase, by the way, since she's outgrown her others.
Oh, wait. Something is missing.

Ah, that's better. You can almost smell the attitude.


Anonymous said...

I actually like the hair. It looks a little more...I dunno...adventurous maybe? One of my favorite haircuts ever actually came about when the stylist made a mistake, so maybe you'll get used to it and end up loving it!!

Also, it's nice to put a face with the name since I've been getting to know you!!

Jerilyn said...

I love love love the hair. I think you will too. And Olivia I love your dress too, except it makes you look so grown up.

Tam said...

Thanks for stopping at my blog! Big thanks for leaving a COMMENT I love it when I log on and there is a comment! My MIL has chosen not to see her grandchildren because I am American. lol She is Korean! OLD SCHOOL...anyway I hope she decides to see them one day. I tell my oldest that he has two Grandmothers but he does not understand that. He only has seen one.

I like the Hair!!! O the little dress is sooo cute!!!!

the dragonfly said...

Oh my...the dress with the sunglasses...I love it!

And I think your hair looks great. I'm so bad about trusting people to cut my hair; I live in Germany, but I wait to get my hair cut until I'm back in Michigan visiting my family!! Sad, I know..

judy said...

From what it's worth from a 60 year old . . . I like your hair cut! In fact when I opened your blog, before I even read it, I thought to myself, "What cute hair!"

How the wallpaper project coming?

Your sisters gave an amazing program at Carmen's church women's banquet. You should ask them for a copy of the text. Although I don't think Carmen's humorous delivery and Cheri's passion will be as evident in the script. And of course then there is their incredible singing. They even managed to include you-well, not in the singing. I was just wishing so much you could have been there!

Jolyn said...

The wallpaper project isn't coming because I haven't gotten a spray bottle yet to use because I'm avoiding spending money by not going into stores. Hmm.

I am looking forward to Cheri's blog about the show they put on. At least, I'm assuming she'll eventually get around to writing about it. It will be worth the wait.

Mrs. Staff Sergeant said...

I actually really like your hair! You know, it's quite similar to the "Posh Spice" haircut that is all the rage now. You're fashionable!

As for the new dress- adorable! She knows just how to work that camera already!

Carmen said...

I also love the hair. It looks full and healthy. I'm wondering if I should do the same.

judy said...

A big sponge would work on the wallpaper project, too. Thought maybe you might have one already

poppy fields said...

So maybe it was a mistake, but I like your new haircut.

edj said...

I like the new haircut too! I understand about difficulty in finding a new stylist--I've been putting it off myself since coming to the US and my hair is the longest it's been in years and years. But I think you will end up being happy with this mistake. It looks really full and healthy and cute. Bobs are really in right now too--you're trendy!
And how fun to have a face to put with the "you" I'm getting to know.