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Monday, January 14, 2008

"Mommy, can I marry Conner when I grow up? And when he grows up?"

"Nope. You can't marry your brother. That's against the rules."


"After all, your daddy is not my brother..."

Olivia brightens, "So I can marry him!"

"Nope, you can't marry your daddy either. That's against the rules, too."

(More humphing and hunching of shoulders and oh-so-endearing pouting.)

"But I wanna marry someone."

"You will, but not until you're 28."

"You mean 48."

"Even better. After all, you're going to be an astronaut."

"You mean, ballerina astronaut band player."

Yea, that's what I said.

*Note: Olivia has been talking about getting married an awful lot lately, which was kind of freaking me out until I realized it's probably because of a library book we recently came home with, "Barbie Loves Weddings", and she probably thinks getting married is kind of like having a birthday party with presents and pretty dresses and getting to be the center of attention. Sometimes when I look around I wonder if that's what some grown women were thinking, too.


OHmommy said...

I haven't broken the news to my kiddos that they can't marry each other. I figure, they will be fighting in a couple of years.... Yes? You thinking it's wrong to lead them on? :)

Cherilyn said...

When Grant was that age, he was coaxing young four year olds into the nearest dark corner for kisses. We had to have a talk about kissing being for married folk and he was too young to get married. He asked how old and I said at least 26. Later one of the kissees asked to marry him and he turned her down flat saying they were too young because they weren't..."how old mom?"
"Oh, yeah. We have to be 26."
The kissee pouted but didn't argue.

Jerilyn said...

How funny! I'm so glad I've ssen her recently; I can just picture the body language.

Mrs. Staff Sergeant said...

This is funny! Kids are endlessly entertaining aren't they?

And I think you're right about the wedding stuff. Sometimes the adults get just as off track (and overboard) about that as little children can :P

But then, I love Barbie too and always wanted a perfect "princess" wedding, so what do I know? lol

the dragonfly said...

A ballerina astronaut band player.



Mary Alice said...

When I told someone I wanted to be a ballerina astronaut band player last week they didn't think it was cute at all. Hummmmmm.

edj said...

Once when my b/g twins were about 2 or 3, Ilsa came downstairs one day and announced "Mom! I just got married!" Her inflection was perfect--the way one would imagine a girl living in another country calling her mother or something. Of course they'd "married" each other.
Later, she announced at dinner one day, "Mom! I'm pregant!" So I guess you have that to look forward to. ;)
Don't worry--she's 10 now and grown out of it.