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Friday, November 16, 2007

Thrift Store Haven

I just experienced the Thrift Shop on base, and I think I’m in love.

I got seven, count ‘em, seven sweaters. Just for myself. Over the last couple of years I have slowly been getting rid of my stack of sweaters left over from the early 90s. I'm serious. Some were even older, from, like, *gasp* high school. (And, yes, that means before the nineties.) In one evening I got myself a whole new (half) wardrobe for $23.25, and I am seriously stoked. Man, I’m livin’ now.

I almost lost them, though. After my bargain-laden arms became weary I set the sweaters down for safekeeping in what I thought was a safe set-down place. Alas, I was mistaken. I went to get them and almost gasped out loud when they were gone. Gone! And then just as quickly I spotted some woman -- some woman -- with my sweaters draped over her arm. But before I whipped out my can and thoroughly embarrassed myself she spied my daggers glance and said, in that utterly cheerful nicey-nice way Ohioans have, “Oh, are these yours? I was about to put them back on the rack.”

So I do think she volunteered there, as do all the employees, and I made a mental note to put away that can, for pete’s sake. We are in Ohio now, where the people are nice and friendly. Now would be the time to bring out your inner Kansan and play nice back. Phew. What a relief.

I am no stranger to thrift stores, to garage sales, yard sales, flea markets... to junk, for that matter. And this thrift store certainly has its share of that. But when you don’t have small children with you, which I didn’t this evening (hey, maybe that was part of the excitement?) it's not real hard to cull through and find some real gems, or just some basic, decent stuff. As I was realizing this, I chided myself to Be Good, and I did hold back on some things. But I’m already thinking about a couple of items I passed up that I might have to go back to look-see if they’re still there…

I got a few things for the kids’ Christmas. Some stocking-stuffer stuff, mostly. But also this little monkey for my little monkey. It’s a backpack, see? My little ones sure do love their backpacks. And now Sean-Peter can see what it feels like to have a monkey on his back, too.
And for only $3.75.

I scored these Barbie dolls for Olivia.

Guess how much? Go ahead, guess. Come on! Betchya can’t.

I love the practice of recycling, but it can be hard to be on the receiving end because the stuff is usually just junk pretending to be a bargain, or it’s gently used and priced like it’s 20% off the retail rack. A good number of the clothes in this thrift store were probably brought there because the owner realized that they never really wore it, and that shows. But they (usually)priced it right anyway! Amazing.

The only place I came away disappointed was the selection in Olivia’s size, since she’s the one child who could actually use some clothes right now. I only found one (cute-cute!) sweater for her, with one of those pom-pom scarf thingies that I think she’ll get the biggest kick out of. Although, now that I think of it, maybe I could have found more for her if I had ahem not spent quite so much time on myself…

As I was waiting to check out I noticed the woman in front of me had a couple of items that I personally had just consigned this evening. Don’t even tell me that this isn’t going to be a new addiction. Better lock up anything you consider sacred, John: if it ain’t bolted down, it might up and disappear one day.


the dragonfly said...

I've been wanting to visit the thrift shop on post. It's hard with a baby (everything's hard with a baby!) but I think I might just pop in there this afternoon. The Little Mister likes his stroller for short periods of time, it's worth a shot. :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you need some serious looking time, but you can definitely find some cool stuff soemtimes! And the$2.00?? Am I close??

Jerilyn said...

How fun! I wish I'd been with you. What does Olivia need? I've been having a great deal of touble passing up those cute girlie clothes but don't know what size she is now since I haven't seen her for so long (but that will change in December, right?)
I love buying the boys stuff too, but after buying 7 big sweatshirts (or whatever) and 2 boy toys I'm ready for pink stuff.

Emily, RN, BSN said...

Jodi, I just wanted to say I really love your blog. I love to look at everyone's comments and somehow feel like we're all still connected even though we're so far away from each other! I hope to see you has been ages!! Keep up the blogging and I'll do my best to keep everyone posted on my end!

Your cuz, Emily

A Military Spouse said...

So nice to know you do try to keep up with us "older" relatives! Hopefully we'll see you at Christmas, and I've been peeking at your blog, too. (Although you don't update it as often as I would like!)