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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I Don't Do Wallpaper Border

Okay, what is the quick and dirty, fool-proof method for removing wall border?? Hot water in a spray bottle? Hot water and fabric softener? Any special tools absolutely necessary? The old fingernail trick ain't cutting it...


judy said...

Jolyn, not a fun job but it usually can be done. This from one who has tackled this more times than I've wanted to. If it's really glued tight rent a wallpaper remover steamer. But if not, these are some ways we've done it. For smaller jobs (or even larger ones) I've used either a sponge or small hand sprayer to spray warm-hot water with little soap added to the water. Be patient and keep going over and over the area. Try to keep it damp but giving it time to soak. Just work with one wall or part of a wall at a time. Just keep wetting it and let it soak in for while. Then start scraping with a flat 3-4 inch scraper. Patience is the key, letting the water really soak in. If you're lucky you will be rewarded with the paper coming off relatively easy in bigger chunks. Then there are those jobs where the wall was not treated properly before they put on the wall paper and you end up pulling it piece, by piece, by piece, by piece. If some of the wall board comes off with it, it can be repaired. But that will be addressed in Chapter Two. And why am I still up at this hour? Oh, yeah, I don't have to go to work tomorrow, or the next day or the next! What a life! Let me know how it is going.

the dragonfly said...

I just had to smile, and almost chuckle a little bit.

I think my husband would throw a fit if I ever put any kind of wallpaper on the wall. No, I know he would throw a fit. And the inability to remove it is exactly the reason. :)

Sorry I'm no help...good luck. :)