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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Another Glimpse into the Life of Olivia's Mind

"I know! I can invite all my friends to come to this Ohio and we can put on a special band show! Because I'm going to be a astronaut-ballerina-band player ... but I need their help to make it *special*."

This last part she emphasizes with a conspiratorial whisper and leans into her spirit fingers for effect. Where this "other" Ohio is is anyone's guess. Maybe in outer space. Or in Italy where she thinks all of her friends still are, whom she desperately misses.


the dragonfly said...

Don't you ever just sit and wonder how on earth children's minds work?


Mary Alice said...

That is pretty hard concept for kids - how big this earth is...and then when we get older we are amazed by just how small the world is sometimes.