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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Stuntman in Training

Last night Sean-Peter once again proved that his reputation as Dr. D (aka Dr. Destructo) is not a misnomer. Only this time the deed was most unfortunately done to his head, resulting in such a copious outpouring of blood that his screams were welcomed proof that he was indeed alive underneath the deluge.

Apparently he thought his beanbag was something akin to a surfboard, as he launched himself onto it in such a way that propelled him some five feet across the floor and smack into the corner of the wall. John very rightly thought we should take him to the emergency room, where they were able to seal it up sans stitches because it was a small enough laceration for some simple, and relatively painless, glue instead.

John and I have often joked that we should get him a t-shirt that says "Stuntman in Training". Indeed. I can't say that there was anything about this stunt that I found the least bit funny, but it did remind me of how miraculous it has been that this was our first trip to the ER with him. Unfortunately, I have a feeling it won't be our last.


Emily, RN, BSN said...

Oh Jolyn, he looks so pitiful in this picture! So sorry you had to experience a terrible emergency room, but I am glad they were able to mend the wound rather painlessly!! Poor guy, give him my condolences!!

Carmen said...

It's about time! We've had stitches to the heads three times around here! And those heads do bleed! He is posing so sweetly, milking us all for's working!

Jolyn said...

I just have to post this comment from my mother-in-law who, poor thing, can't figure out why her comments aren't posting to the blog.

"We spent so much time at the ER when the boys were young that one of the corpsmen joked that they should just build an apartment onto the ER for us."

FIVE BOYS. And that was before John. I cannot imagine. I suppose you get to the point where you just holler out at them to at least take it outside so they'll stop bleeding all over the blessed floor.

Anonymous said...

My son has a tshirt that says "I do my own stunts". Enuff said.

the dragonfly said...

Oooooh...Yuck! Glad he's okay, although I agree he looks a bit pitiful. My little one is only seven months, but already he is willing to throw himself toward what he wants with no regard know..hardwood floors. He screams...but then he does it again.


Jerilyn said...

Poor baby! Kiss it for me.

The McDougals send a "Things I Learned from my Mother" around. Kathlyn added "My own personal faviorite 'If I hear you scream one more time there better be blood!'" I believe that had to do with her boys.

JP said...

Karen, I want the shirt. Tell me where to get it so our little stunt man can be appropriately dressed for the job.

Mrs. Staff Sergeant said...

Oh no! You're right, it wont be the last one. That's the fun of having boys!

Glad he's Ok!

OHmommy said...

Heehee... our ER doctor recognizes us when we come in.

I really hope it's your first and last. Accidents are no fun for the mommy.