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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The lilies are a blooming.

Of course, Olivia was the first one to discover them. I was impressed that she only picked one.

I am itching to get outside, lay down more mulch and pick some weeds that have had their way with my yard. The temperatures have plummeted and it is downright (relatively) chilly out there. Excellent coffee-drinking weather, excellent getting-stuff-done-around-the-house weather.

Except I have an assignment that urgently needs editing, and finishing. Well, finishing, really. Because you can't edit what you haven't written. Although at this point I'm just ready to send it in and let the red ink have at it already.

What was I thinking signing up for a writing course? I'll say one thing: it's been good for the blogging. You're reading procrastination in action, right here in black and white.

And all those other colors on the page. You know what I mean.

In other news, John is doing much better. Having nose surgery wasn't enough for him so he decided to go ahead and get a cold to go with it. But he went in for his follow-up today and got acquainted with some much-needed relief when the doc pulled out the, um, oh blech I will spare you the details. Let's just say it reminded me of a House episode when this little kid keeps coming in because he sticks little toys up his nose? And just when you think there can't possibly be any more up there Dr. House pulls out something else? Yea. Kind of like that. Only not so fun.

On a sort of related note, John is in the process of changing offices. He actually exited his last office right before his surgery over a week ago, dumped his stuff off in a corner of his new place down the hall (and up a floor or two) because they didn't even have a desk ready for him yet, and hasn't been back since. And no one seems to have missed him, or to be at all concerned when he might next show up.

So we're thinking... What if he didn't? What if he just never went back? When would they finally notice? (If they ever did?)
"It looks like you've been missing a lot of work lately..."
"I wouldn't say I've been missing it, Bob."
Go ahead, name that movie. I'll give you a hint: it has "Office" in the title.


Retriever said...

'Office Space"--SUCH a funny movie! I work around quite a few people like those in it...guess we all do sometimes...

Lovely daylily.

Hope his nose feels better soon. One of the kids will have something similar done in a year or two (got a broken nose in a car accident aged 6, but they said they shouldn't fix the deviated septum or whatever until she was full grown and cartilage stopped growing.

Good for you, taking a writing course. I am thinking of taking something in the fall. I work and the youngest is still very demanding, but I am so envious of the girls getting to study interesting things at college, and need the discipline of assignments and peers to do more than just lily pad hop...

Jolyn said...

Wow, first commenter got it! Good job. Funny movie. I agree: I totally need the discipline, too. (Blogging is so not the same thing.)

Christian Mommy Writer said...

UMMMM...Looks like we're gonna need John to come in on Saturday....yeeeaaaaaahh. LOL!

I'm in a writing program too and I really have to make time for it. Haven't been too successful the past three weeks though. I'll get back in the swing of things again soon....

JamericanSpice said...

Office Space! lol My sisters in law intro me to that movie. LOVE IT!

Ouch on the nose. I hope he gets better soon.

Oh and you I hope, will do well on the writing course. But then you do have a way with words.

Jaye said...

Hi there, hope John's all ok.

I started blogging after I did a writing course, it showed me I didn't have to write fictional short stories to be a 'writer!'

I haven't stopped since, good luck with yours :)