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Monday, June 15, 2009

My Budding Little Writer

Olivia goes through about a tree a week in notes and drawings -- and those are just the ones she does around the house. We have a whole shelving unit by our kitchen table devoted to paper and writing accessories. Sometimes the things she writes are unintentionally funny, like this note she posted on the bathroom door:"a LiiTL PRivecy PLeS thainGk you" (A little privacy please, thank you.)

Many notes are endearing..."I Love DAD. I Love MOM. I Love PeTer. I Love CONNeR To.

By the end of her kindergarten year, she was creating books. This one she wrote a couple of weeks ago, don't tell me it's not sheer brilliance.

"How To Plant Flowers""HOW To PLANT fLOWer [sic].""1. DiG The DrT." (Dig the dirt.)"2. PLANT The SeD." (Plant the seed.)"3. LET iT Gro." (Let it grow.)"4. WOTr iT." (Water it.)"5 GiV iT FOOD." (Give it food.)"6 LET iT BE." (Let it be.)"7 GiV iT Love." (Give it love.)"8 PLAY AND WaT." (Play and wait.)"9 PiKC The fLOWerS" (Pick the flowers.)"The END"

I can't decide what I like best about her story: The steps she chose? The fact that she numbered them? The sad face on #8?

I'm just so proud of her. My budding little writer.Pun totally intended. Oh I crack myself up.


Christian Mommy Writer said...

Your daughter is talented. She actually knew all the steps! That was great. I too have the same issues with tons of paper (well, more like coloring pages) that my son drew. I'lll figure out something to do with them.

Love the pics! It helped bring everything together.

Jerilyn said...

Very good "How To" book Olivia.

Unlike you, Olivia, I've come to the time in my life when I'm best at waiting. It's the digging, planting and watering I have to "encourage" myself to do. Perhaps when you get here you can help me with the watering. OK?

Carmen said...

What a fabulous story! I wish my mountain of papers was creative outlets and child masterpieces! Now it just seems to be mail from every imanginable college.