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Saturday, July 4, 2009

I hope you are all enjoying a wonderful 4th of July! The kids and I have celebrated (so far) at the Americana Festival in our little old downtown suburbia. John stayed home to work on his Master's class (he did not catch up during his recovery from surgery like he thought he would) (go figure) (I mean, would you?) so he stayed home. Boo.

So Peter cried the whole time.Okay, so it wasn't the whole time. And he was actually crying about his hat balloon with the dog on top. "I wanted a blue one!"

Waa-waa. Here's a quarter, go call someone who cares.

Just kidding. I really, truly didn't say that. And he really, truly got over it. Eventually. I mean, if his sister likes to wear the hat, it can't be all bad, eh?

And he discovered a wonderful new use for it as well. (Video's 26 seconds long.)

Really, could he be any more boy?

Conner was with us, too. Just not nearly so ready to pose for the camera. Gee, how strange for a 13yo to not want to pose for the camera.

He cheered up when he saw how large the sno cones were. And found out that he didn't have to pay for his.And now we're off to a BBQ with some friends. And we're late because I'm blogging. Aren't you so blessed. (Sorry, Tina!)


MOMSWEB said...

Thanks for sharing your Independence Day Celebration!

Mike and Erin said...

Don't shoot the babies with your red dog balloon! :)

G'Ma said...

JW cooked one of those wonderful briskets that he does on the grill. Deanna bought him a new gas/charcoal/smoker grill for Father's Day/birthday.

I thought of you while were eating the brisket. He also grilled some squash I had grown in my garden. All in all it was a good day.

Your 4th looked like fun! At least you most likely weren't dealing with temperatures in the three digits. It has been 103, 104, 105 degrees.

JP said...

Man, those temps are rough. Have you talked to Al Gore about that? ;) We had to suffer though mid-70s and light rain up here. But no brisket.

Jennifer Hudson Taylor said...

Kids are so funny. You never know what they're going to do or say.

JamericanSpice said...

This makes me laugh. lol. So glad you had a fun time with the family though including the crying.