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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Summer has officially begun.

Now what?
Just kidding.

Now that Conner's back from his trip, it's been time to lay down some ground rules.

But first, we had some yard work to do. Spring may be a time of rebirth... But it's also a time to cut down what couldn't hack it through the winter.

Unfortunately, the little ones caught sight of John about to have a go at one of their beloved trees and had other ideas.

"No! No!" Sean-Peter came running. "Don't cut down our swoff tree!"

Your what?

Meanwhile, Olivia was wrapping herself around its dead trunk -- literally hugging the scrawny little thing.

That's my little future protester. Metaphorically planting herself in front of the bulldozer.

Because it is, indeed, their sloth tree.
Go ahead and get one last sloth swing, buddy, because it's still gotta go.
No matter how much thy sister doth protest. And stand there sternly with thy hands upon thy hips.


Jerilyn said...

Poor sloth tree. Poor sloths!

Carmen said...

I'm torn...