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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Trip to the Dentist

We had just pulled into the parking lot at the dentist's office when Olivia says, "Mommies aren't smart, are they?"

"Um, they aren't?"

"Well, some mommies aren't smart."

"Is your mommy smart?"


"Well, just a little, little bit smart." She said this last part while squinting through her two little fingers for emphasis.

She's a real ego boost, that one. But about an hour later I was thinking that she'd given me more credit than was due. One of the cavities she needed filled? Um, the tooth was almost abscessed? and she ended up having to get it capped instead? Yea, my little girl with a pirate's tooth. The dentist said another week and a half or so it would have started hitting the nerves and we probably would have lost it altogether. Just call me mom of the year.

The poor thing. Afterward we hit Kroger's and did a little PTSD impulse shopping. I think it was just as much for me as for her. Ice cream and popsicles and stickers and balloons and a stuffed puppy dog and unicorn on a leash because that's just what we need is more stuffed animals in this house.

The dentist said she did quite wonderfully -- I'm sure they've seen some doozies go through there. And I've been very impressed with this pediatric dentist; he really has a way with children and even successfully cleaned Sean-Peter's teeth! and with nary a tear or cry of protest. But come on -- Olivia got a cap.

I'm not quite so crazy as to take a picture of my little girl immediately following such a traumatic ordeal. She may have been fine in the office, but you know how it is once it's done and they see their mom and all of a sudden realize that they really didn't like what just happened and how could you do this to me?

But I did take one once we got home. Because she sure knows how to milk it.But it's amazing what a little ice cream can cure.

Dentist: $282.00

Comfort shopping: $24.50

My little girl's smile: priceless.


And Carmen -- I promise that pictures of Olivia's room are coming SOON! We've just had so many other exciting things going on here, what with losing moles and almost losing teeth and whatnot. And I like the idea that I've got you sitting on the edge of your seat in anticipation. I'd be a little nervous that you might not like the color, but it's so lovely I just know you will.


judy said...

Wow! What brave kids!

Anonymous said...

Hey, don't beat yourself up. We've all had those moments. And look at the smile in that last pic!! She's not traumatized for life or anything!!

Rose Daughter said...

ok, she is a brave little girl, in my opinion dentists are evil, ok maybe just their profession. I'm sure they are nice people at home.

Such a precious smile.

Mrs. Staff Sergeant said...

Oh wow! Poor Olivia! I hate the dentist. Sounds like she did better than I would have...and hooray for ice cream!