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Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Finally, what you've all been waiting for, Olivia's room.

Just as a reminder, here's a look at the wall color Before:

And here it is After, not a tobacco stain in sight:Photos never, ever, do a color justice, but trust me: It's beautiful.

I gave Olivia a little bit of control over the color. That is, I narrowed it down to two shades and had her pick between the two.

I tend to lean toward darker color, but Olivia picked the lighter, Sherwin Williams' Shagreen. And I'm really glad she did. I think the Ryegrass would have been too dark and not girly enough for the space.

It still needs accessorized, but we're working on that. So far I've taken the one idea from my sister about hanging up wooden letters that make up her name. Olivia worked hard to paint them red, her favorite color. I think it's really important you stick out your tongue while you do that.

It seemed to work, because she did quite a decent job. A little light sanding and a second coat and they'll be good to go.

Incidentally, this is a picture I took outside Olivia's window while I was painting her room.

And here's one I just took five minutes ago.

There seems to be a trend here. It must be all that global warming. The steady rain we've been having the last 48 hours? Just turned into a heavy, wet, wet snow. In the five minutes it took me to download this photo and type this up, the ground is lightly covered.

I guess I spoke too soon.


Anonymous said...

The room looks totally great. I'm really needing to do some redecoration of my own around here. Thanks for the pictures!! :)

Rose Daughter said...

Looks really good, I hope to someday have a home where I can redecorate, sigh, someday.

judy said...

Olivia did a beautiful job on her letter painting!

the dragonfly said...

That looks great!! I really like the green. Are you going to show us pictures of the letters on the wall when they're hung up?

And sorry about the snow. It snowed here yesterday too. Only for a few minutes, and it's gone now, but still. Just seeing snow falling is depressing!

OHmommy said...

I love the color in Olivia's room and her letters are so pretty. What a cute room for a cute girl.

Mary Alice said...

I LOVE the color. My husband and I once did a "while you were out" makeover of Little Red's room as a birthday surprise. We painted the room a color almost exactly like that, I think it was called whispering pine....anyway Miss Smarty Pants the Middle Child came in sighed and said "ahhh what a nice CALMING shade, Nut House Green." We all kicked her. JK.

Carmen said...

I love the color! I think it is so great that you get Olivia involved in the process.

I am so ready for spring and we are finally getting some sunshine. I can't imagine how ready you must be!

Happy Easter!

Mrs. Staff Sergeant said...

Our master bedroom is that same color! I love it, good choice. It looks very nice :)

The snow on the other hand...not so nice :P