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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Is It Possible?

Could Spring be coming to stay?

I probably don't want you to answer that.

These pictures were taken yesterday; Friday afternoons are mine and Peter's, when his sister and brother are both in school.

The weather today was more of the same, but Peter was decidedly not.He woke up flushed, with a fever -- a common theme around here of late. No playing outside for him today.
I totally agree, Becky: We need to work on being healthy. With the warmer temperatures, it was nice to air out the house today, bringing in that verdammte frishe Luft, as my German ancestors would say, the brisk breeze blowing through quickly drying the floors I scrubbed with disinfectant. A purge feels needed. Wish us luck. And feel free to blow us some Spring prayers of your own our way.


G'ma said...

Your little family is always in my prayers. Sean-Peter is just getting it out of his system so he will be ready for vacation in Texas. Hope he feels better very soon and I hope it is not contagious.

If we get some rain the bluebonnets and indian paints will be in full bloom while you are here.

Carmen said...

He looks like Olivia when he is sleeping. I have been fighting the gunk here too. When are you leaving for Texas? We are going to Galveston on Saturday.

Mike and Erin said...

After 2 illness ridden months, February was relativly clean for us. I hope March will be the same. We'll be praying that your house stays well after Sean-Peter kicks it. I'm jealous of your trip to TX. We're going in June.

Cherilyn said...

Pour baby!