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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Winter Bouquet

When your ears are full, your chest is tight, and your muscles ache, nothing lightens your spirits quite like a winter bouquet.Olivia thought this would make me feel better, "Even though it's dead, it's still beautiful." I must say she's quite right.


Conner told me a joke he heard at school:

"How can you tell the economy isn't alive?"

"It doesn't respond to a stimulus!"


I'm sure that one's been going around, but it was the first I'd heard it and it made me giggle.


The board that announces the promotions to Major posted the names today.

Drum roll, please....

John's on it! Go ahead, do a woo-hoo! for me. Because it is an exciting relief. To think, way back in his prior service days when he was just a lower-enlisted peon (no offense, hubby - I was right there with you) it was just a dream to be an officer some day. Once he got that he thought, "Wow, now I'll even retire as a Captain." To get major is just the icing on the cake. Who knew.

Just to clarify, these things aren't immediate. I don't know when they'll announce the timing of the individual promotions, but his "pin-on" date could be well over a year from now.

What that means in layman's terms: no pay-raise yet.


But in other financial news... We rented our house in Vegas! Can I get another woo-hoo?! We had lowered the rent and offered a free month, trying to entice an actual contract, and it still took this long.

I'm not complaining, just explaining.


Was anyone else super annoyed at American Idol last week when Kristin was skipped over for the wild card selection but the judges ended up giving Tatiana another chance?? I mean, really. At least they had the sense not to send her through to the real final.

And now I'm off to watch American Idol with Conner on our DVR. And eat some muffins. Yes, you heard me right. I gotta feed this cold, right?


G'ma said...

Woo-hoo, Woo-hoo, Woo-hoo, and one for good measure, Woo-hoo.

All good things come to those who wait.

Take care of yourself and get over that cold real soon.

Tam said...

OOOO Well First Congrats for YOU guys that his name is THERE! Yes it takes a LONG LONG TIME. My Hubs got his promo to Major in December but it took forever.

AH I think that is sweet you can say you guys were together when he was enlisted.

UMM MY Husband started enlisted and then worked his butt off to become an officer deciding it a little later then the usual but I was not the one with him them.. I know the person that was and she even told me I sort of sucked that I ended up with what she felt should have been her REWARDS. OF course in a Joking way...

Jerilyn said...

Congratulations John! and Jolyn also of course. Sometimes you work hard, you get the goods.

I'm so sorry you've had so much sickness. Have you read about Vitamin D?

The bouquet IS beautiful. (It's 11degrees here this morning.)

Olson Family said...

Popped in on your blog from Planet Nomad. Enjoyed reading.

Tonya Nash said...

Congratulations to your husband AND to you on promotion to Major! My husband got promoted in that group too. I guess we have something in common. :-) By the way, the stimulus joke was funny.

The Happy Housewife said...

Congrats on Major! My dh puts on Lt Commander (same as Major but Navy) in 2 months. It is hard to wait once they are selected, but it is nice knowing! He was enlisted before too. The raise will be nice!

judy said...

Congratulations, John, on your promotion!

Great joke Conner. Don got a kick out of it. You know how he loves jokes.

It is a beautiful bouquet, Olivia.

Sean Peter, are you feeling better?

Anonymous said...

Congrats! And I love the bouquet.

Melitsa said...

Congratulations so many great things happening. Yeah! :) How sweet about the flowers. That's girls for ya.

Landers Family said...

I was wondering if his name was on there....thought it was! Mike too! How funny if they pin on around the same time.....hope u guys are starting to feel better...we are, finally....i am so tired of this winter....and hey where is my blog on your blog list??? soon!