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Friday, February 27, 2009

Sean-Peter overflowed the toilet, the cat threw up on the carpet, and Conner has strep. It's been a banner of a day.

I caught myself getting irritated, with that familiar annoyance toward the military healthcare system that necessitates going to the base emergency room and triaging your child in to see a doctor, instead of easily making a same-day urgent care appointment like it used to be Back in the Day.

But I reminded myself of something I had just read by another blogger I love to follow, who recently visited a children's hospital in Morocco, the country where they now make their home. And I remembered how good, how really, really good we truly have it.

Even in These Times, in this country, with so many people searching for work and going without healthcare, we are taken care of. John's job is secure, our trips to the doctor are paid for, medicine we need is at our fingertips. So what if we have to wait for it.

(Though perhaps that is easier for me to say: John's the one who took off work to sit with Conner at the ER for half the day.)

After all, my son has motrin to make him smile. And a sister.Who merely saw this as another opportunity to show her love, Olivia style. And that's nothing to shake a stick at.


JP said...

And she later thoughtfully picked out the biggest, softest Teddy Bear she could find and brought it to Conner at bedtime. Ya can't beat that.

Anonymous said...

Oh, poor Conner looks so pale in that picture! I hope he's feeling better.

Hannah said...

Hope your son is feeling better! What a sweet sister he has.

Much to be thankful for, for sure. I have to remind myself of that very thing when I get irritable, too.

So, how did your younger son overflow the toilet...?

Jolyn said...

He put like a whole roll of toilet paper in it and flushed. Yea.
I am sure that many parents can attest that not having at least one of your kids do this at some point simply ain't gonna happen.

The Happy Housewife said...

Are you able to be seen off base? That is what we do. We haven't seen a military doctor since we were stationed overseas. I prefer the civilian side much better, I but I don't know if you can do that everywhere.

G'ma said...

New rule. All of you must work on being healthy for spring break. I had better include myself in that. Nurse Olivia (while I am sure she is very good at taking care of her patients) will be on vaction that week.

Hannah said...

Oh my goodness! I am cracking up a little bit right now, only because my middle daughter (she's 2) threw an entire roll of toilet paper in the toilet today. She must be channeling Sean-Peter. :)

I am currently thanking my lucky stars that she didn't flush...

Tam said...

Well we changed from Prime to Standard and found civilian doctors who are in the network so my out of expense pocket is very little. We are live right in the middle of TWO Posts but they are so so busy. FT Stewart with the
3rd Id and Hunter are so very busy these days that I alot of my friends have been referred out to civilian doctors anyway but I decided to just stay with Standard but may change back to prime one day.