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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

snow and sos's

I am no longer an SOS widow! John officially finished yesterday -- a few days later than planned, but no matter. He is now a man of leisure ... until he starts a Master's program in January, but I say again -- no matter. As I write he is putting snow tires on his car, happy as a kid in a candy store in anticipation of the 2-3 inches of snow they are calling for tonight. That's my Southern boy. He's so cute.

He's also been forewarned that this base here is loathe to call a snow day unless it's a national emergency. Not that 2-3 inches is cause for a snow day. At least not in Ohio, I'm sure; though that would not be the case in many parts of this country where a few snowflakes would be enough to close down schools and make jack rabbits out of drivers with their brake pedals and send them skidding on imaginary ice into the ditch with only themselves to blame. I hate driving in Texas when it snows. The drivers are a more dangerous variable than the weather.

But speaking of SOS, I guess Sandra and Stephanie are the only ones who found the video in my previous post as hilarious as I did? Though Stephanie's email wasn't quite as enthusiastic as Sandra's comment -- at least, I don't think she scared her little girls with loud guffaws.

** Update **

Make that Melitsa, too!


the dragonfly said...

When we were stationed at Fort Campbell we had snow...three times, I think. I grew up in Michigan and have no problem driving in snow, but when it snowed in Kentucky I stayed inside. I wasn't worried about me, I was worried about the other drivers!!

Tam said...

Funny about the drivers being more dangerous than the weather..well here in Georgia we joke about that too. The drivers here are much more dangerous than the rain. I grew up near that is some traffic there and not as dangerous as the drivers here lol lol