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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Be Back Soon

Just a quick update to let you all know I'll be back to blogging soon ... we're leaving Kansas tomorrow (or is it today as I'm writing? Hmm....yep. Maybe this is why I haven't been blogging.) We'll be stopping in Kansas City to visit my friend Kim and her family, which will also help break up the trip a little bit. Kim is a friend I grew up with in little 'ole McPherson, Kansas, and about the only childhood friend I (sort of) keep in touch with anymore! *sniff* So sad. But I digress.

The forecast looks clear, so we should be home soon and back in the grind of daily living. It's been a good visit, and the week's flown by: I just hope the drive does, too. Please offer up a prayer for us to have a safe trip!


Anonymous said...

Have a safe trip!! See you when you're back!!

Mary Alice said...

Prayer - check! Have a good trip.