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Saturday, December 15, 2007

"Oh, The Weather Outside Is Frightful..."

"But the fire is so delightful...
And since we've no place to go...
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!"

Actually we did have Olivia's dance class to go to this morning. This was the first class since she started that the parents were invited to watch.
Isn't she adorable??

No, really. Isn't she a hoot?? She really loves dance class, and it was only that much better with an audience.

By the time we left, it was really coming down, and we were very glad we had made a point to drive the car with the snow tires.

Now we're just hoping that it gets this out of its system by the time we plan to travel next week. Because before daylight was gone today the snow had turned into freezing rain, and no one has to tell me what this reminds me of. At least it's not so bad that we're losing our power lines. Yet. Because ".... it doesn't show signs of stopping..."
(Did I just say next week? How is that possible??)


Tam said...

OO How I miss the Snow! Great Pictures..loved see the snow and ice. We are 80 degrees in the South! Great BLOG!

Jerilyn said...

What beautiful snow pictures. What beautiful Olivia picutres. Yes
she's adorable! Yes she's a hoot! Now it's THIS week.

the dragonfly said...

She is just precious!!

I don't miss snow at all. It's cold enough without it! But the ice on the tree picture is beautiful.

Emily, RN, BSN said...

Oh Jolyn, Olivia is absolutely adorable in her dance outfit! And the snow...well, I guess it's pretty too. ha See you next week!

GenuineAmerican said...

GOOD Morning JODI!

Kimberlee, Sent Me Your Blog.
I Really Enjoyed Every Line & PIC!
YOU Sure Have A Beautiful Family.
I Wish You & Your Family a "Super-Duper" 2008!
Please Say "Howdy" To Your Parents.