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Friday, July 24, 2009

"7 Quick Takes Friday"

It's been so long since my last post, I thought I'd try participating in one of my favorite blogger's weekly carnivals, "7 Quick Take Fridays" to catch up:
-- 1 --

John got his leave approved for our trip next week. His boss actually approved it some time ago, after John sent the request along with this email...

"My wife has a family trip planned to Kansas for (insert dates). If there's anything you can do to get me out of it, I'd really appreciate it."

John said it was the fastest turnaround for leave approval he'd ever experienced. Of course, he told his boss he was just kidding...

-- 2 --

My sister Carmen visited us recently with her youngest son Ben, who's Conner's age (13). We fit in all kinds of fun things: King's Island; the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium; The Air Force Museum and its IMAX theater... We even got to Goodwill! I'm thinking of donating a bench there in my name when I die: they need a place where you can sit and take a breather while you're waiting for your second wind.

On our way to Columbus we stopped at a rest area. Before anyone could stop him (or even notice what he was doing), Sean-Peter goes right up to the guy who was parking next to us and starts tapping him vigorously on his arm. When the older gentleman finally looked down and discovered the persistent little bugger, Sean-Peter exclaimed -- and these were his exact words -- "YOU GOT A GROOVY CAR!"And he does, doesn't he? He and another older friend were obviously out for a joy ride. After we all laughed the guy looked at Sean-Peter, "Well, if we had more time, young man, I'd take you out for a ride!" And I think he would have. Sean-Peter obviously made the guy's day.

*Sigh* What is it about boys and their toys?

-- 3 --

At one point during Carmen's visit, Sean-Peter asked her to get a basket down from the top of the bookshelves in the basement. When Carmen figured out that was where the gamecube games were kept, she told him he should probably go ask his mother. Sean-Peter replied, "But my mom tells me no electronics, so you have to get them down for me." Luckily, the little guy's still gotta work on his guile.

Later, Carmen came and found me because she had discovered this:She even said, "I've got a perfect blog post for you!"

When his aunt didn't yield to his request, apparently Sean-Peter decided to resort to other means.
I can't remember if Carmen found him before he actually got to the top, or if he started up and changed his mind. But to his credit he did say, "It's scary up there."

It's a wonder we've only been to the emergency room one time with that guy.

-- 4 --

Proof that John is not the only one with, um, a displaced sense of humor... Carmen left our house to go visit a good friend of hers who just moved to Columbus, and this is the inscription on the plaque she gave her as a housewarming gift:
Please God
If you can't make me thin ...
make my friends fat!!

Apparently, it's an inside joke.

-- 5 --

Conner flew to Kansas all by hisself a couple of days ago. Yes, he's flown a gazillion times in his lifetime. And yes, he's even flown alone before -- on an international flight, nonetheless. But that was three years ago, and we used the airline's unaccompanied minor service that time so they were liable for his whereabouts.

But he's 13 now, and perfectly capable of navigating a day of travel, connecting flight and all. (That, and now we have cell phones.) Here he is getting ready to go through security, all by his lonesome. Don't he look so small?Remember the days when you could see people off at the gate?

-- 6 --

We'll be joining Conner in Kansas next week when we go there to visit my family... And also to attend my high school's 20-year reunion. Yikes. Where have the years gone? I clearly remember thinking that people who attended their 20-year reunions were, well, if not old exactly, at least very seasoned. "I guess by now they've done about everything they set out to do." Ha! Joke's on me. I feel like I'm turning a corner and there's just as much going on over the next stretch as there was on the last one. Just not at as quick a pace, perhaps. Please, we can slow down now. I do feel old enough to have the patience to enjoy it now, I will say that. And that's a good thing.

-- 7 --

Last night when John was putting Olivia to bed, he told her he'd lie down with her a little bit because he needed a little nap that's the kind of father he is. John first went to use the bathroom, and when he walked back he caught Olivia holding his pillow under her booty. "What are you doing, farting in my pillow?" She just giggled maniacally and exclaimed, "You were going to smell it anyway!"

Spoken like a true six-year-old girl who only has brothers. She can so hold her own with the boys.


Marylouise said...

God pour blessing on you and your family.

Hannah said...

That email is hilarious!

I just read on Hannah R's blog that you're going to the be at the reunion! If you're there at the all-class thing tonight, I want to put a face with your name! :)

Christian Mommy Writer said...

I like your new header. Enjoy your sister. Your husband's request for leave was funny! :-)

Olson Family said...

The last point made me laugh - my girls are like Olivia and they don't even have bro's. My mom's husband was just complaining to his friend that he's lost his burping & farting titles to 10 & 8 year old girls! It does worry us just a little - :).

Mike and Erin said...

My favorite was Sean Peter's story about the groovy car. So cute!

MOMSWEB said...

LOL! It's been a while since I dropped by, but I'm glad I read this post today. I needed a good laugh.

Organizing Mommy said...

I thought for sure the sister was you! Glad you got leave for the trip.