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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Why American Idol is Bad for My Health

Usually it's popcorn.Sometimes it's cake.Last night, Conner presented me with this.Seriously. I made him reenact it for a photo. In rare 13-year-old form he obliged. A pan of these brownies lasts about five minutes in this house, by the way. (Just in case you were thinking of happening by.)

Now, I don't have a weight problem, per se. But sheesh.

Yes, American Idol is a tradition in this house. Bonding for a mother and son, you might say. So weird to think he has practically grown up watching this, with a bit of a break during our time in Italy when the episodes were one day behind and we weren't spoiled with a DVR.

He really is becoming quite the baker. Mostly with mixes so far, but hey -- you gotta start somewhere.

Yesterday when he made these brownies he says, "I feel like baking something. I don't even feel like eating it, I just want to make it." I know you all are so jealous.

Or not, as your conscious may dictate. As it is, I suppose I could stop buying the mixes ... But that would be like discouraging culinary instinct, wouldn't it? Besides, I've had all these coupons...

Poor guy. Tonight he wasn't exactly baking up a storm. The crud that went through this house is apparently doing a revisit; or maybe it just told its friends that this was a wonderful place to be, because no sooner did everyone finally get over it than did the little stinker poor Sean-Peter start his barking seal cough again. And today Conner was home sick from school, and Conner is never home sick from school.

He seems to be doing much better now, though we'll know for sure in the morning. I'm sure he'll be up and baking again in no time. Even having his cake and eating it, too, so to speak.

*Is anyone else keeping up with American Idol? I was a bit disappointed that Megan didn't stay on this week, though I believe she has a chance at the wild card. I'm not sure that Nick aka "Norman Gentle" does, though -- at least not if Simon has anything to say about it. And he definitely has something to say about it. I can't help but be a little sorry that we might not see him back. I thought he was very entertaining. And he had some pipes, too.

And what was up with Kara tonight? Telling Matt how she was "so hard on him" last night because she
likes him so much? Um, a little late? Like, if she thinks he's "so great" maybe she should have encouraged the audience to keep him around to show us what he can really do? Because that guy does have talent. Piano dueling? Come on. How cool is that?? That's some mad keyboard skillz he's got, is all I can say. It's too bad we might never see them again.


Bunchy said...

I was totally a Megan fan, so I'm bummed that she's gone and I'm hoping she gets one of the wild card votes. She's quirky, and I always go for the quirky ones.

And a kid that bakes brownies for you?? Priceless.

Tonya Nash said...

I am an American Idol fan as well. I was not too happy when Danny's friend didn't make it but Norman Gentle did. I am also guilty of indulging in food while it is on. My trick to make myself feel better is to eat less dinner so that the calories won't be as bad! I am an AF spouse too and I think you have a nice blog. Have a great day!