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Friday, January 16, 2009

Um, It's Cold Here?

So cold that schools were closed to ensure that no child would freeze mid-step on his way to the bus stop. Or to the school itself, such as may be the case.

Not that our young teenager would ever walk out the door without his coat on. Especially in freezing temperatures. I have never found his coat left hanging there after he's walked out the door, declaring that it's not that cold. Ahem.

But it is cold today. Even Conner would acknowledge that. The kind of cold that takes your breath away and soaks into your face within one nano second before numbing it all together. Like, windchill factor of -24 degrees cold? I had never imagined. This is Ohio, for pete's sake. Not the Arctic.

Speaking of Pete. For your viewing pleasure I am posting a video of him singing one of his preschool songs about the continents -- one of my particular favorites, being the map freak that I am. How cute is that? Three- and four-year-olds learning the names of the continents already.

He actually sings it through twice: this is a good representation of how he will self-direct and self-correct when he isn't happy with how he sounds.

The second video is our very own little snow bunny, taken a couple of days ago (before the temperatures plummeted) when we rediscovered the video feature on our point-and-shoot. Ooh, we are nothing if not on top of all things techie here. And if you don't ignore our little mutterings at the end of Olivia's cuteness, you will bear witness to our discovery that our little camera can record up to 25 minutes of video, and not the 25 seconds that we had always thought.

Yes, I am kicking myself. At the very least, I could have been keeping a much better digital video diary of Sean-Peter's speech progress. (I do have some clips of him recorded on our archaic 8mm that I will someday transfer to a DVD...)

And if anyone knows how to edit these video things? Surely there's a site online somewhere offering these services for free. We would surely appreciate you passing that information our way.


wifeunit said...


Of all things, our vista came with something called Windows Movie Maker and it is easy enough for me to use for editing purposes. You can even add text blocks and captions and music and all kinds of things. But so far the way to cut the things up into short segments works quite nicely!

I am guessing they have it in other versions besides vista

Anonymous said...

How absolutely adorable! If I had not been following along on your blog concerning his apraxia, I wouldn't have even suspected he had a speech problem. I was very impressed with his enunciation of the continents.

I was equally impressed with Olivia's ability to stay outside for about 50 hours and be all the way cold!

You should hear Pam go on about how adorable Olivia and Sean-Peter are and How quiet anc well-mannered Conner is.

judy said...

They are so precious! and Conner, too!

Cherilyn said...

Look under Accessories for Windows Movie Maker if you don't see it under Programs. It should be there somewhere. Could also do a search.

Way to go SP! You're amazing! Micah said, "Do it again!" again and again when he heard you sing. He said, "I want to listen to Sean-Peter a lot of times!"

Olivia, you are brave to be in the cold so long. Maybe you are part eskimo!

Jerilyn said...

Sean-Peter, you sing so well! And say your words so well. We're so proud of you for working so hard. And you too Jolyn.
Olivia you look beautiful all bundled up. Good thing you were so bundled up since you were outside so long!
Only problem with the video - it made me SO lonesome for the kids.

Carmen said...

Amazing singing! Yeah for us that you figured out your video function...more to come?!...

Kim said...

wow! Nick and I just watched Sean-Peter's video and we are amazed. I cannot believe this is the same little boy. That tune is quite catchy too-I'm still singing it.
Miss you guys....
PS: speaking of techy...this is my 1st blog comment ever. I like it!

Tam said...

We have been unnaturally cold here in Georgia and well nothing here is made for the cold...not US, our houses, our cars...nothing I tell