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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

No school for the kids...again.

Every time I look out I swear it's snowing harder. I guess it's in a hurry to cover up all the ice, since it rained during the night. Even Sean-Peter's private therapy is closed today. Even the base is closed today. Now that's saying something.

A few seconds of snowfall, for your viewing pleasure. (You know, just in case you're somewhere like, oh, I don't know ... Texas.)

And these kids aren't going anywhere. I'm just saying. And since I started this whole process of (an unsuccessful attempt of) editing videos and downloading? It is snowing harder, and the flakes are considerable smaller, hopefully not threatening to turn to ice...

But you'll just have to take my word for it: I have run out of time and my children have run out of patience, what with all the fiddling around I've been doing, trying to combine the clips above into one, obviously unsuccessfully. I promise you I followed the instructions exactly as they were written, in the Windows Movie Maker program that was, indeed, right here on our computer. Any techie suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Anonymous said...

I'm no techie, but thanks for the snow video. We will not be seeing any of that stuff. We have not even had a hard freeze,so far, this year. I was eating tomatoes from my garden through December.

I especially enjoy the videos of the childrn.

Kelley said...

I also enjoyed seeing snow fall - no I don't live in Texas - Guam...yeah, it'll be years before we see snow again. And no, that's not a complain!! :)

ljbennett said...

aw...I am in Texas...San Antonio! :)

and we will be moving to Wright Patt (is it one t or 2?) next fun! :)