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Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Happy Housewife Guest Post

I wrote a guest post over at "The Happy Housewife" (she's on my sidebar), "How Does Your Husband Help While He's Away?" Go on over and take a look -- and leave a comment, too, if you don't mind, so's I don't feel like a schmuck and she's sorry she posted it.

Plus, I'm sure some of you have lots to say on the subject, and I really would like to hear some more ideas on the issue. We've got a TDY coming up in about a month, and it will have been almost nine months since John's last one -- that's like, 10 years in military time.

And if you're not reading Happy Housewife, you should. She's a military spouse who home schools her (six going on seven) children; she posts great, frugal recipes; and she writes about managing and organizing her home, which just warms my little HGTv heart, I tell you what.


kash said...

I'll chec kit out! I love the pic of you and the hibs1

Tam said...

I will check it Yeah My Husband has been away this week and will be gone in a week for two weeks and be home for a week then gone for a month and it goes on and on all like this for the whole of what has he done to help me over the next few months of him stopping by long enough for me to wash his underwear and maybe maybe UHMM something else....NOTHING I TELL YOU...he has done nothing to plan anything. It all will fall in my OOH so waiting lap!

Jolyn said...

I am so sorry to hear that! And if he only knew how far just a few words of appreciation would go, even when he has no control over being gone!