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Saturday, September 27, 2008

reasons to celebrate

John's been an Alabama fan since he was eight years old. He's "suffered for many years" (his words) but his time has finally come, as tonight 'Bama is, apparently, creaming Georgia.

Did you know that Georgia wears black to symbolize the importance of the game they're playing? Of course, I had no idea. Although you could wrap up my knowledge of sports in even a tinier package than Obama's understanding of foreign policy. (Did you all watch the debates last night??) And they don't even wear black every year, but they're wearing it tonight - the fans, too. It looks like a sea of black on their home turf.

College football is the only sport on tv that John makes a point to watch. Growing up in Alabama, you're either with Bama or you're with Auburn -- I don't think benign indifference is an option. John went with Bama and has been loyal ever since, no matter how painful it sometimes has been. Sometimes he even watches Auburn play just to root for the other guy.

Since this is the only time we ever usually have sports on tv, I really don't mind it; I actually think it's kind of cute how worked up he gets. But I was a bit concerned about him watching the game tonight since the odds were favoring Georgia and John had a Bad Day, trying to get stuff done (around the house, on the cars...) and being thwarted at every turn. (The dryer? Still ain't a go.)

He was even Mr. Grumpy when Olivia declared, "Tonight is Sean-Peter's Party!" She gets these urges occasionally -- to have a party, though not necessarily for her brother -- and breaks out the scissors and markers and paper and tape to "decorate", a process which usually ends up being the party.

But tonight she had a plan for all five of us to get in the Scooby Doo tent (that she had decorated) which was rather like trying to get a St. Bernard into a baby carriage. And I had to convince Mr. Grumpy and his sidekick Teenage Angst to play along because really, it only takes a few minutes to encourage Miss Social Butterfly in these natural urges, and maybe someday she'll be the one to organize our family reunions.

So he played along, then sat down to watch a tense game with his faithful companions. Since my camera has, like, a ten-year delay (have I mentioned that before?) I tried to get him to replay one of his "YEA, BABY! THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT!" complete with arms flung in the air and the cat flying, but Mr. Grumpy wouldn't play along. Thank God Alabama won.
Maybe Olivia will throw a party for them tomorrow.

**Update: Alabama did end up winning, 41-30. I guess Georgia's wearing black for a different reason now?


Carolyn said...

Great pics. Thanks for sharing!


Anonymous said...

That's awesome that Olivia plans parties like that! How sweet!

You're right, someday she will probably organize important family events.

Therapy Mom said...

What a fun, yet grumpy, day at your house! I love all your captions! Happy Sunday!

Anonymous said...

I didn't watch the game (I'm not much for watching sports events on TV). However I did catch the highlights on the sports segment of the local news program. I wondered if John was still an avid Alabama fan. One year when he was about 10 or 11, Alabama lost to Auburn. He watched the game in his Alabama shirt. He was so distraught at the loss, he wrapped his arms around the shirt, covering the word Alabama. He cried out in such dismay, "I am so ashamed!"

I thought about him as I watched the news and wondered if he had watched the game. I'm glad Alabama won. Olivia knew it was a good time to have a party.

Sheri said...

Yea, Olivia!

Bring on the family reunions!

Have Mr. Grumpy and sidekicks at our house too. Oh, what we put up with! Who cares, as long as the little ones are happy and the momma has time to take a bath and go to bed before midnight!!!!

Makes me wonder what retirement is going to be like, though???

Love, Sheri