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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Meet The Huckster

We finally succumbed.

Actually, we rescued him from a ditch off the highway after The Storm. He was wet and hungry and meowing pitifully, we couldn't just leave him there.

That's not really true, but it's a nice idea. In reality we got him from a vet who did rescue him. They named him Huck Finn, hence The Huckster. And we decided to get a cat to commemorate our one-year anniversary in Ohio.

That's not actually true, either. Although we did close on our house exactly one year ago, so that would be a nice idea, too. In reality, the kids have been begging for a dog, but since we already have Sean-Peter we told them a cat would have to do.

Okay, okay. Sean-Peter's not really a dog. But he did pee on Conner's bedroom carpet today -- again. So that sort of qualifies.

The truth is, the kids have been wanting a dog and a cat, and since we don't have a fence, and we might not be here this time next year (another story) making it fiscally impractical to get one right now, and cats are generally easier pets to transition to...

Meet, The Huckster. He loves his carrier, and is generally laid-back. Already seems to be the perfect moving cat. And that may be important sooner than we thought.


Carolyn said...

What a a cutie! Reminds me of a cat we had growing up.

Uh Oh.... is a move in your future?

Anonymous said...

He's a beautiful cat! And I love the nickname. I miss my cat...

Mrs. Staff Sergeant said...

He's so cute! I looove him!

I am most definitely a cat person, can you tell? :)

Anonymous said...

He is really a beautiful cat and that is a great name! It is good he is a laid back cat. I get from his expression he has already made himself at home.

I'll bet his favorite person in the household is the one who fills his food dish.