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Monday, June 9, 2008

Recent Images (and their stories, too)

I found an apraxia playgroup online a few months ago, back when I was still scratching my head trying to figure out what apraxia even was, other than this affliction that had its grip on my son's speech.

Erin was the brain behind the playgroup. She did what I did: googled her little heart away trying to figure out her son ... only she didn't find the local support group she thought should be there. So she started one! She has been so instrumental in helping me to find my way on this journey -- except when she starts using really big words and then my brain starts to cramp and my eyes roll in the back of my head. She's really, really smart.

And she's had to be, because it ends up, as it often can, that apraxia isn't really what's going on with her son after all. I won't even try to explain the journey that she has been on with her son, where the most recent development has been to determine that the lesion on his brain is not a tumor. Yea.

Thing is, her faith is even stronger than her intellect. Visit her blog and you'll see what I mean. I'm sure she won't mind. And she plays awesome music on it, too.

Yea, she rocks. And so does this photo of her and her son, doesn't it?

I knew I had a winner the instant that shutter snapped. Do digital cameras have shutters? Whatever.
Sean-Peter and Ryan are really becoming quite the buddies, too. Although they aren't around each other as much as Ryan and Olivia get to be, since Erin saves my life almost every week when she catches Olivia as I slow down and push her out the car door because we're always running late lets me drop Olivia off at her house during Sean-Peter's speech therapy sessions. I think Sean-Peter likes playing the helper with a littler guy for a change. You can almost hear him, "Watch your step."

Yes, they are hot and sweaty. Glory Be and Hallelujah the rains have stopped and the floods have come down. Summer is here!See? I love this photo, too. It's all in the lighting, I tell you. Especially with my camera. It needs all the help it can get.

And here's Olivia with her shy face on, getting ready for her dance recital. (And in bad lighting, see?) It was crazy in that place, and more and more in these social situations she is showing her self-consciousness...
...but it rarely lasts long.

This is the girl, after all, who I overheard declaring, to no one in particular, "Finally I'm finished with my dance class so now I can go on the dance stage."
Don't you just want to gobble them up?

Here she is with her mom post-performance. I'm the shiny one. I would show you what she looked like on stage, but my camera doesn't do stages. Suffice it to say, she loved it as much as she thought she would. I might need a new camera...

At this point I would like to include a picture of Conner getting ready to take off for his week-long scouting trip. But I forgot my camera. So just pretend there's a photo of him, say, giving me the thumb's-up sign because he finally found a seat on the bus. On that chaotic testosterone-filled bus with boys and young men off to prove their manhood. Or at least survive a week in the wilds of Indiana without getting too homesick.

Speaking of wild.
"Me strong!!"

He wasn't really saying that here, but he does like to say it a lot. The "str" blend isn't spot-on, but it's developmentally appropriate. Needless to say, I am well overdue on a post updating the explosion of his "spontaneous language". It's so remarkable I don't even care that it's rarely grammatically correct. I have a theory that he's been speaking grammatically incorrect sentences for so long when we couldn't understand him that now it's just going to take that much longer to correct them. It's just a theory. But now when I try to correct him to say I instead of Me, for instance, he just looks at me funny and then can't remember what he was going to say next. So I let it go. Keep the sentences coming, buddy.

His expression for "Olivia" has also evolved, as Olivia is demonstrating here. "Look, mom, this is how Sean-Peter says my name now!" Indeed. As his usual Ow-wah has become Oh-ee-ee-uh, virtually overnight.
Remember these letters? YES, THEY WILL GET ON HER WALL. Alas, her room is still a work in progress. They're kind of fun to play around with around the house, though.

But back to this.

"Two-fisting it." He didn't really say that, either. But he could have, if he weren't so intent on cleaning them up. This distraction made it possible for Chef Oh-ee-ee-uh to finalize the cookie dough batter with the chocolate chunks. One. at. a. time.

Because they taste better that way, don't you know, when you put them in just so.

I finally had to set the timer and cut her off. I wasn't getting any younger.

And these cookies are awesome. I remember having them not too, too long ago at my sister Carmen's house. When I asked her which recipe she used she told me it was mom's. When I asked mom about the recipe she told me it was one of Carmen's.

This is pretty typical communication that goes on with my family.

Regardless, I do encourage you to make some of your own. Be sure and don your chef's hat and add the chocolates one. piece. at. a. time.

Carmen's Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe (because the mom's always right):

cream together:
2 c. margarine (or 1 c. margarine, 1 c. shortening)
2 c. sugar
2 c. brown sugar

4 eggs
2 tsp. vanilla

mix together:
4 c. flour
5 c. oatmeal (mix small amounts at a time)
1 tsp. salt
2 tsp baking powder
2 tsp baking soda

mix together all ingredients and add chocolate chips/chunks

Bake on ungreased cookie sheet 10-12 minutes at 350 degrees.


Anonymous said...

I really don't know where to start, I reacted to every paragraph. I wish, Oh how I wish, I could get really acquainted with those three beautiful children. Oh, by the way, you are really looking good, Jolyn. I am also very happy that Sean-Peter is making so much progress and he has found a buddy! How great is that!?
I guess I need to call. One thing is for certain, Jolyn, you need to put down the books and pick up a pen (or sit at the computer) and write. You do it so beautiful and with such humor!

RDC CCC Mom said...

Love the picts! And thanks for the encouragement! We have been so blessed to have you all in our lives! It has been a joy playing and getting to know each of you!

Oh-ee-ee-uh looks like she had a great time at the for you girls to have a date!

We're here Thursday AM if you need us!

Veronica Mitchell said...

The dance recital pictures are overwhelming me with their cuteness. I may be blind soon.

Jerilyn said...

The thing is, I think it was my recipe, but Carmen can find her copy.
Loved the blog. Made me laugh and cry. Can hardly wait to get my hands on those kids!

edj said...

GORGEOUS photos! Olivia is such a doll! I love the one of the two of you :) And I love the ones of Sean-Peter and Ryan.