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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Jesus Loves You Anyway

I just came from having the most remarkable conversation with Sean-Peter as I was putting him to bed. I'm not sure what was more poignant for me: the content of the conversation; or the fact that we were communicating in words in a way that simply was not possible just weeks ago, so far has his speech progressed.

We were finishing our prayer in the usual way, ".... we love you Jesus, Amen."

"Me. not. wuv. Jesus."

"You don't love Jesus?"


"How come?"

"Because. Jesus. far away. of me."

"Because Jesus is far away from you?"

"Yea." He sounds almost as surprised as I am that we're communicating as well as we are.

"Jesus will be in your heart if you ask Him to be."

"But. Jesus. can't see. in my heart." He's pointing at his chest like it's so obvious that someone coudn't see if they were inside there.

"Jesus is also up in heaven watching over everything."

"Watching. over. people?"


"And airplanes?"

Chuckle, "Yes."


"Also. Jesus. far away. of my boo-boo." Aw, the crux of the matter. This boo-boo on his knee that he keeps scraping and re-scraping has been a source of serious consternation for the last 24 hours.

"We can pray to Jesus and ask Him to help your boo-boo to get better. Dear Jesus..."

"No! No! Me already prayed!"

"We can always pray again."

"No, me no want to."


"Are you still mad at Jesus?"

"Yea, a widdle bit."

"Do you love Him anyway?"

"No, not yet -- go sleep, mama." He's so tired his eyes are barely focused. Sweet dreams, little buddy. Jesus loves you anyway. And He probably got a kick out of this conversation at least as much as I did.


Anonymous said...

You just know He did! What a hear warmer!

Anonymous said...

That should read heart warmer.

Scott and Hannah said...

Bless his heart, that was too cute! Love the updates from you too. Are you all still getting a lot of rain up your way?

Cherilyn said...

Who's anonymous? Too cute. I love the age between 3 and 5 when they have so many insights and questions about God.

On a side note, do pictures give you fits in your blog? Whenever I enter mine, they ALWAYS go to the top, not where I insert them. Then I have to drag them into place and the spacing always screws up. It is a royal pain. Hence the lack of pictures and blog motivation declines tremendously. Do you have this issue? If not, I might pursue a fix. If so, I'm ready to switch to a different blogger.

Jennifer said...

What a wonderful blessing to communicate with your son. You go Sean-Peter!

Jolyn said...

I do have that problem. I have found that posting the pictures first and writing around them helps with the frustration, but basically I have chosen to keep it simple and not to fight that battle. Taking the time to fiddle with the placement is a waste because the published post never looks like what you did in preview. If anyone reads this and knows an easy fix, please share.

Carmen said...

How wonderful! It is so amazing for you to finally get to hear what he is been thinking. A blessing so easily ignored by most. I can't wait to hear him for myself!

Carmen said...

"He is been thinking..." Is that how S.P would say it?

Jerilyn said...

Words cannot express what I am feeling. We have a great God - He is good.

Emily, RN, BSN said...

Hey ladies-I, too, have this problem with pictures. It's so frustrating. But that's a good idea to post pictures first and write around it. Thanks for the tip!!

S.P. sounds like he has lots to say. Can't wait to hear more!

Kelsey said...

Gos is so good!

the dragonfly said...

Aww, sweet. Is the knee boo-boo feeling any better? And yes, Jesus loves him anyway. :)

OHmommy said...

Awe. that is all. Just aweeeee.....