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Monday, August 20, 2007

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream at Sean-Peter

We took the kids to Young's Jersey Dairy outside Yellow Springs, not too far from the base. It was in the interest of self-preservation that we take a break from our relentless house hunting and get out of the hotel for a few hours. We'd heard of this place from Ruth and Mark, who were stationed here years ago, and then recently from our realtor. But we were still surprised at the size of the business this family has set-up for themselves: a little petting zoo; miniature golf; a driving range; a makeshift "train" ride for the kids as well as a tractor playground they can climb on ... and, of course, "the best ice cream around". Leah, our realtor, told us she decided to stop there once on her way back from Columbus late one night. It was almost midnight and she had to stand in line for ice cream. It was good, but sheesh. Wasn't Conner a good sport to pose for this picture? And the one below epitomizes Sean-Peter: in the nanosecond it took me to raise the camera up and press the button, he had climbed the fence and was halfway over to the other side. Now, I did notice his ascent as I was aiming, but I recognize a photo op when I see one. Note his two siblings standing there, calmly watching the cows -- not trying to join them.
And, yes, he's like this all the time.

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