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Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Princess and the Gremlin

We have settled into our new lodging more in the last 12 hours than we did in the two days we were at the other place -- definitely a good move. We even got the front desk to disable the pay-for-view channels on the TV after John caught Sean-Peter trying to order one of the adult shows, if you know what I mean. They disabled the phones for good measure, too, so all he can call out to is the front desk. We have cell phones now so it's all good.

We've taken to calling Sean-Peter a Gremlin, in addition to other nicknames -- Dr. D (aka Dr. Destructo) and Little Brute ... yes, mom, I know -- they'll be what you call them. We're just calling them as we see it! (And for the record, most of the time I just call him Little Buddy.)

Gremlin came up when John pulled him off the cupboard doors he was repeatedly banging shut, only to have him immediately push the buttons to activate the dishwasher then scamper off on his mischievous feet out of reach so fast John only met air by the time he turned around to smack him on the behind. Instead he shouted after him, "You're not a boy, you're a Gremlin! That's why you don't talk! You hatched from an egg out of our closet!"

Olivia, on the other hand, consistently goes around in her princess wear and insists on changing into a "princess dress" unless we simply start her day out in one. She wore her crown on every flight over here and told anyone who talked to her -- which was about everyone -- that the jewels were real and she collects diamonds -- something her parents were sure happy to hear about as that will certainly take care of our retirement plan.


Carmen said...

This is soooo funny! You have such a knack for writing! Keep blogging all these stories and then someday write a book. I'm serious! You have a real talent! It is so good to know you are back in the states! Is it culture shock or does it feel like you've come home? How does Conner feel? Gotta go but will call you soon.

John & Jolyn said...

It's not me that's so funny, it's John and the kids: I just have to write down what they say and do!