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Friday, August 28, 2009

I didn't put a title on this. Oh, whatever.

Yes, the kids started school! And I would've given a shout out regarding that a bit earlier but we've been having computer woes. Technical issues. Router problems, to be specific. It took a couple of tries, and a couple of days, and a couple different model numbers (and a couple returns to the store...) and more than a couple conversations with Punjab in the international customer service but John seems to have finally squared everything away. Just not soon enough to get his weekly Master's assignment in on time, unfortunately. Too bad Punjab couldn't write him a note.

"Please to excuse John's late assignment. His computer was very broken and he was working very hard to repair the problem. It wasn't his fault, I assure you.


Oh-bright too early is grand central bus station in our ne
ighborhood. Not because we necessarily have that many neighborhood school kids, but because the few we have apparently go in all different directions: there's preschool, and elementary school, and early elementary, and middle school, and high school... Don't forget the special needs kids, of which Sean-Peter is one. Oh, and there's also the Catholic school...

Imagine Olivia's excitement when one of the buses finally stops right by our house...Only to learn that it wasn't hers after all.Poor thing.

Of course, her turn finally came. And then it was...


Conner's turn! He did oblige me with a photo.I told him he owed me because I bought him pop tarts.It helped that the bus actually stops right in front of our house this year -- otherwise he would have given me nary a glance and skedaddled off down the street to meet up with his friend at the old bus stop.

As it was, I got a little carried away with the camera. It was all he could to not run onto that thing.


Is officially better! His stool sample even says so. You know, just in case you were wondering.

But really, kids are just amazing. Just a couple of days after coming home from the hospital he was already trying to keep up with his big sister.

Though methinks she will not be his "big" sister for much longer. They already wear the same shoe size, for Pete's sake. Pun intended.
I just couldn't resist this photo. The lighting was so good. But certain readers will be relieved to know that Sean-Peter has gotten a haircut since the photo above was taken...Though he was none too happy about it.

"Are you done YET??"

I didn't blame him. I'm perfectly capable of cutting my kids' hair (usually). But I. am. slow.

Sean-Peter's in afternoon preschool again, four days a week. Same school, same teacher, same bus drivers! I really don't know what to do with this kind of continuity. It's like we're living a stable life or something. In our life, stable is anything over two years. We're about to hit that mark for our time in Ohio. Two down, two to go? That's just crazy.


Christian Mommy Writer said...

Sounds like you all have been busy! Love the pics and glad that Sean Peter is feeling better. His haircut looks nice. :-)

Oh yeah, computer problems are a pain. I spent two days trying to get my husband's computer fixed before his all expense government paid trip. I finally figured out the issue after hours of web searching. :-(

Have a great weekend!

Kelly's Ideas said...

Great pictures! - I still have 12 days and counting until School day....

Hannah said...

Now what are you going to do with all this alone time on your hands again?!

I love all those pics of the kiddos headed to school.

It is hard to believe that my bros are 6th grade and senior. Times sure flies!!!

Tam said...

GREAT PICTURES! I only got three of my little guy off to Kindergarten. Hope everything went great this week for all of them!

G'ma said...

Great pictures of the children! S-P and Olivia look so adorable and Conner looks so cool! The first day of school is always so exciting.

Sorry about JP's troubles with the computer. I think they are nothing but trouble, anyway. Is there a way he can still get credit?

Love the blogs! So does Pam!

JamericanSpice said...

I don't care to speak to customer service sitting in another country. *roll eyes*

It seriously bothers me when they can't even decipher what I'm saying.

I'm going to be you in a few years with taking pcs of kids going off to school and begging them for a frontal :)

Yes welcome to stable. Your kids are so darn cute!

Ok now back to stable. Yes ..I think we have that for now, but I itch for new after a year or two. I guess I'm just used to moving all over etc.
Maybe we should live in Hawaii for a year. :) no moola.