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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ohio's Grass is Showing Its Roots

You ever heard about the mom who was asked where she lived? And with a straight face she answered, "In a white suburban."

I felt a little like that today, only I was living in a Big Green Van. Conner had a soccer game about as far away from our house as you can get and still be in our little corner of suburbia. Then Olivia had dance yet another eight miles away or so, closer in to The Big City. Oh, and there was the little part about going home only to find the house locked up and I didn't have my key, so I had to go back out to find John, who was holed up in a coffee shop trying to get some Master's work done...

But that's neither here nor there. My point is what I saw while driving hither and yon, at every major intersection along a certain main street/highway in this Dayton area.

Conner took most of the pictures (for some reason it made him nervous to have me drive and take pictures at the same time?) -- I'll let them speak for themselves. The video at the end? Well, that was my attempt to get an audio of the cacophony of fellow drivers joining in on the protests, "Honk if you oppose government run healthcare."

Conner wasn't with me in the van at that point, or I would have handed him the camera lest he up and faint right there in the seat beside me. Sheesh, I don't know what the big deal is. The video's only 17 seconds long...

Like I said, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves -- or at least for the people demonstrating in them. So far I haven't found anything in the news highlighting these protests; we'll see what comes out in the Sunday news. When we were stopped at a light I hollered out the window (Conner just loved that, I tell you what) and asked one of the ladies who they were, and she just kind of shrugged, "We're just grass roots, trying to get our voices heard."

Any other voices out there you've been hearing about the healthcare plan? Demonstrations? Local Town Hall meetings you've attended or heard anything about? How about the voices in your own head? Do tell.


JamericanSpice said...

I'm honking right along with y'all!

Tam said...

I have voices in my head but I am not hearing anything about Healthcare right now...IT is more lIKE MOMMY please feed me breakfast.

HMMM I think I am already part of a government run healthcare system???? T R I C---- LOL OO Let me not go there.

OKAY on a serious NOTE MY poor Parents are paying 1500.00 a month for their Insurance for Medical. That is a number I am having a hard time wrapping my head around but that is the price you pay IF you own your own business and are a baby boomer. That is all I got to say for now.

Great pictures!!! YOU have a budding photograperh! WAY TO GO C!

Anonymous said...

Ok I'll be honest. I do not understand why Americans defend their current health care system. It is broken. Too many are uninsured. We pay the most, and get the least, out of all the other industrialized nations. So I don't get why people are so upset. Why is this divisive? I've lived overseas and I LIKED their health care! Especially France's! I don't get why it is partisan either. I hope we get some change in our health care system and I hope that it stops being a partisan issue, but instead one that everyone can work together on.

G'ma said...

Do you know of any program run by the government that is run efficently and not WAY over budget?
Have you noticed the national debt, as large as it has ever been and getting larger? Have you noticed how much of our lives the government now has become involved in? Healthcare issues need to be addressed. However, I know there is a better way than to have the government involved.

G'ma said...

I am so surprised that there have not been more comments on this blog!

I'll be those grass roots people would have something to say.