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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Spring Dancing

The sun came out!
Finally giving Olivia the chance she'd been waiting for to wear her new "mint julep" summer dress. That I got from Goodwill for a whopping $2.19. I love me some Goodwill.

And now for your viewing pleasure, and a little-girl fix for those of you who only have boys (ahem)...

The first video is of her ballet class and is a minute long. Olivia is on the far left. I love her mom and pop dance studio: it's such a hole in the wall and the instructor still uses her old albums. As in good old-fashioned records. On a record player. And they sometimes skip. It's like a dance lesson and a flashback into the seventies all rolled into one.


The second video shows the girls practicing their tap dance recital number. It's about two minutes long and Olivia is second from the left...

I just have to point out that this is a beginners' tap class and they still have five more rehearsals until the recital! Luckily, you might say. But just see if you don't think they look so cute you wish you could reach through the screen and gobble them all up.



judy said...

How adorable!! Olivia so has the "idea". Before you know it she is going to be ready for "High Steppers". Did they have that when you were in high school?

Olson Family said...

Still getting to know other Bloggers so have a few ?'s for you if you're willing to answer :).

1. Pic on your current Home page is from Italy, yes? And previous was Germany? My guesses based on building construction and wrought iron (my brain works in mysterious ways).
2. Curious as to what years you were in Germany? Had friends there during Desert Storm but he recently retired - last base was Travis.
3. How long have you been back in the States? Do you miss the foreign assignments?

Guess that was more than 3 questions :). If I'm way too nosey just let me know. Just things I think about when I look at your blog. I wish you a great week!

Jerilyn said...

What a pretty dress and what a good dancer!

Carmen said...

Oh what girl fun! Olivia is really working hard and obviously loving every minute of it! I wish I looked that cute in tights...