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Friday, April 3, 2009


We've had a wonderful visit this past week in San Antonio. Truly, we could spend another week here and never run out of things to do and people to see.

It's hard to leave John's mom, who hadn't seen Conner since he was just a little punk, and Olivia since she was a baby. Sean-Peter, she was getting to know for the first time.

Becky had been a bit concerned how the kids would take to her. But she needn't have worried: They clung to her like stink on poo. (But in a good way.)

Sean-Peter, for one, was quite taken with his grandma."When I'm all growed up, I want to marry Me-Ma."

How cute is that?

Of course, he also says things like, "I broke my tummy bone." And, "The cold air makes my legs feel warm." So take it for what it's worth: You know, a little guy cute as the dickens and twice as ornery just trying to express himself.

Before we even left her house this evening he was saying that he missed her. I think I see me some Me-Maw withdrawal symptoms in my future.

I have so much about this trip I'd love to blog about after we get home and I do like, oh, 20 loads of laundry. What do you think, one longish post? Or bits and pieces over time?

One longish piece ... might be kinda long. (Or not.)(You know, depending on my mood.)

Bits and pieces ... I might experience Bloggers' ADHD and lose interest before I write everything while it's still fresh in my mind.

So we'll see. If you have an opinion, feel free to chime in. Aside from my apparent obsessive need to write in this blog (as evidenced by this late hour *ahem* with a long day of travel ahead of us tomorrow) your comments really help me to keep this up. No pressure or anything.

So glad we got to visit with you, Me-Maw. We're going to miss you.


Carmen said...

One long post. I don't want to miss, I mean I don't want you to forget a thing!

Tam said...

I will read every last word! My boys have never met my husbands mother....your post got me thinking!

Anonymous said...

I would do several shorter posts. Write a list of all the topics you want to do so you don't forget, and then dole it out to us in bits. That's what I did with our last trip to Spain; it lasted a day and a half and I got 7 posts out of it! Kept me going for quite a while, and encouraged me to post more regularly!

Mike and Erin said...
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Mike and Erin said...

I would do one long blog. I always find that if I save things for a later post, other things happen that I want to blog about and then I feel really behind and end up sparing details or ditching things all together. Looking forward to hearing about it!

judy said...

Unconditional love, what a great thing! So glad you got to go.

ChristianMommyWriter said...

Well, it depends on if you have ideas for other blog posts. I personally would do several short posts, though I would read the entire post if you posted it. :-)

I'm glad that your children interacted well with their me-ma. I always worry about that with my son, with us moving around so much

ChristianMommyWriter said...
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ChristianMommyWriter said...
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ChristianMommyWriter said...
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