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Friday, July 11, 2008

It's Ba-ack

Remember when Olivia was sick? It turned out she had strep, too. We got her some good drugs, then promptly left for Kansas. Ever had to give a kid ten days of antibiotics while you're on the road? Well, hopefully you fared better than I did. Needless to say, a few doses were, um, forgotten, and I was still giving her doses, like, two weeks later.

Then last weekend she got sick. At least, she seemed kind of sick. Not real sick, but not well, either. But then she got better. Then on Wednesday she got sick again. Not real sick, but definitely not well, either.

So yesterday I took her in, to get another culture, and to confess that I am a bad mom and can't remember to give my daughter her medicine every day. This spunky little girl all dressed up like a princess sporting pretty spotless sparkly sandals not acting at all sick because, well, she wasn't. But we have another road trip/vacation in about a week? And, you know, I just had a feeling.

Then the rapid strep culture came back negative and I decided mom's feelings aren't all they're cracked up to be, but better safe than sorry and all that.

Today we all had some mandatory fun on base, this family function that John's work organized at the lake.

Yes, the base has a lake. I didn't realize that until today. I knew Wright-Patt was huge, but sheesh.

We got there toward the latter end of the festivities (to say the least) because I was kind of on the phone. Okay, I was really on the phone. But I have a good excuse, because it was with my friend Stephanie who lives in Germany and we don't talk often so when we do we really talk. And I totally thought John was coming home to change clothes for this forced-fun thing so it never occured to me that he'd taken a change of clothes to work with him (that whole planning ahead concept not being his forte and all) and that he'd be calling to tell me to get. over. there. already.

No, we do not have call waiting. We also don't have caller ID. We're old school like that. So if you're trying to call and no one picks up it's nothing personal, really. We just don't feel like answering the phone. Or we're actually not there, of course. Anyhoo...

So we barely make it there before they packed up the food, which the children snarfed down because it was, ahem, well after lunch by the time we got there, and they were also well-motivated to earn samples of the SUGAR on display all around them. I do believe this was Sean-Peter's first taste of cotton candy.
Doesn't he look just like a little birdy?That daddy happily fed. That little guy still doesn't like to get his hands sticky.

And just because I've been so bad about updating Conner's state of affairs (or anything else, for that matter) since his surgery, here he is, as you can see, getting along just fine, now sporting a simple wrap on his right arm that hides the stitches. It was his underarm that really caused him discomfort for several days, where they took out the lymph nodes. Poor guy. He was walking around like C-3PO there for while. (The biopsy on those came back negative, by the way.)

Okay, totally an aside, but doesn't his cap make his blue eyes look glorious?

It was too hot with too many sweaty kids and bad too-bright lighting to take any pictures outside. And the lake was not all that. But we did have a nice time today, the perfect family day (you know, once I got off the phone and all), especially once we got home and John and I put ourselves down for a nap.

Then we got up and found a message on the machine (you know, because Conner didn't feel like answering the phone) saying that Olivia's culture had thought about it for awhile and decided to come back as positive after all. so HA! kudos to moms unite!

Speaking of Olivia, remember the letters for her name that she helped paint? Just so you don't think I'm totally Lame Mother of the Year, not giving her her medicine and all, I did finally get her name up on her wall, see?
Yes, and her curtains, too. Though you must look closely ...

Do you see it? Do you? Well, do you??

Right! Those are not THE CURTAINS. (If you click on the link, scroll toward the end of the post to see the photo.) The ones you actually see hanging in Olivia's room in the photo above were my consolation prize, as "Temporarily Oversold" ultimately translated to GONE FOREVER.

I was completely devastated. Although Olivia was all like, get over it already, mom.

Actually, she was so excited to finally get some curtains in her room. The poor little thing has no idea what she missed out on.


JP said...

It's a pond. I have no idea why they call it a lake. Probably because "base pond" really sounds lame.

Susannah said...

When we were PCSing back from England, Max decided to get an ear infection. And of course they gave us the antibiotics that had to be refrigerated. THAT was a problem when flying across the world. And of course he stayed sick. And had to go on another round. This time called Z-pac, or something, that gave him EXPLOSIVE diarrhea. It was horrible.

But don't you love when mother's instinct is right? I just forget about all the (rare) times that it isn't.

And I too "look forward" to forced fun. I might have to schedule some phone calls myself.