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Thursday, May 29, 2008

You Make-a Me Raff

Someone directed John to this site today that you should totally go check out and peruse. If you've ever traveled overseas (or just enjoyed "A Christmas Story") you will definitely get a raff out of it.

Oh, I crack myself up. And it's a good thing, because otherwise I would just curl into a ball onto the couch and nurse my congestive woes. Because is anyone else suffering from allergies like I am? No? Oh. Maybe that's because you're not in OHIO where the season is apparently The Worst It's Ever Been." Naturally.

On a semi-random-semi-related topic (re: link above) I was reminded of this sign that my sister and I came across in Venice (over a year ago? is that possible?) while getting lost finding our way around there.

This totally sums up getting around in Italy.

They like to do this in traffic circles, too, but at different intervals. That's really fun.

Now, if you'll pardon me, I'm going to go curl up in a ball on the couch and nurse my misery go watch the season finale of Lost and attempt to construct a table and chairs set I got for the wee ones. Wish-a me ruck.


RDC CCC Mom said... you need some OT brushes? I know just where those are! The glasses were not at church, so I'm holding out for school tomorrow.
I moved CCC's Dr. appt to next week after his MRI, so we'll be here on Thursday morning if you want to bring Olivia over. I can give you some brushes then...Let me know!

Susannah said...

So how is life going to continue now that Lost is over for the season? That doesn't make-a-me-raff. But hey, what a cool episode huh?!