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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Letting Loose

Olivia still really loves her microphone.
She can really let loose. And apparently, so can Sean-Peter.
He looks like he's holding back to really get into that high note, doesn't he?

I actually encouraged his necked-ness this evening, as letting my kids run around for a few hours au naturel has been my tried and true method of potty training. Well, for my first two, anyway. After Sean-Peter peed on the floor again after agreeing that pee does indeed belong in the potty! I am further convinced that potty training this one will simply be truly trying.


Tam said...

I have tried the naked thing and my almost 3 yr old keeps whizzing everywhere.....what do you do?
MY 4 yr old was so much easier to train. This last one is going to be tricky business. He takes off his diaper when he pee and brings it to me....SO I thought the naked thing might help the process...OOO let me tell you...he just lets it fly whereever he is standing.

Well good luck on your end...and if you find any great advice pass it on to ME

the dragonfly said...

Love the photos!! :)

I am terrified of potty training. Especially as I will likely be doing it alone, while the Sergeant is gone...I'll be relying on my bloggy friends for help!! ;)

Carmen said...

I absolutely have no definitive answers when it comes to potty training. However, I always thought they noticed more when they were uncomfortable in wet underwear. Of course, that assumes they would find that uncomforatble! With boys they can just pee anywhere with no problem to themselves if they are naked, whereas with girls the trickle down the leg is a deterant in itself. Perhaps...just a thought.