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Friday, February 29, 2008

Just an Update -- and Thank-you!

I want to tell you all that your kind words, prayers, and shouts of encouragement were so appreciated and I thank you so, so much. I do believe that Sean-Peter is going to be just fine -- I actually have a hard time believing that he isn't "just fine" already, which is one reason why I found myself grieving so, for this little boy who is so wonderful just the way he is; he just needs a boost to give him equal footing in this world that is not kind to those who can't speak for themselves.

I almost felt a little guilty even writing about it, what with all the things that could be wrong. It's not like his life is in danger, or that what he is struggling with won't improve over time. But I think parents are of one accord when it comes to their child and anything that is different: we all just want the best for them, in whatever form that may be. But more than that, I think, it's about choices and opportunity: we simply don't want them taken away. Just as our Father and Creator granted us our own free will, we want our children to have it as well; we don't want anyone else telling them what their capabilities and limitations are because of any label they might have.

Not that anyone is doing that with Sean-Peter. Or that I would let them. And it isn't lost on me how fortunate we are to have the services available to us that we have in this city. I firmly believe that we are in the exact place that we are supposed to be exactly when we are supposed to be here. It will be a long road, but we have gotten started and soon will be able to see down it a bit further.

And just to update, Sean-Peter had his first two days of preschool this week and they went amazingly well. Even though I knew it had to be my imagination, I could have sworn that after the first day he came home and was already opening his mouth more and giving his words more definition. The verbal report they gave me that day was that he was very "stimulable" [sic].

The second day it was all about the bus. Was that kid ever excited about getting to ride on that thing. When I told him what was coming up he simply uttered an reverent, "Wow". He was definitely quite pleased with himself, all smiles and sporting his very own big-boy backpack.

I never would have believed that I would let my three-year-old ride on a school bus. Indeed, when they first gave it as an option I immediately discounted it. Then I learned that there is an aide on the bus, and seatbelts, and only two other children, both special needs. Then I started thinking about the gas and driving 20 minutes each day, dragging Olivia out to a school that she wasn't going to, and having to leave the house before Conner catches his own bus to school.

If you were to ask Sean-Peter -- and understand what he says -- he would undoubtedly tell you that it's the best part of the whole thing. And there's no going back now: today he saw another school bus drive by our house and he started pointing and jabbering like, "Hey! Where do they think they're going! Why didn't they stop? Come back here!"

Time will tell how excited he is about it all once the novelty has worn off, but we're definitely off to a good start.


the dragonfly said...

How wonderful that he enjoys the bus! And he even said "wow"...great!

Glad pre-school is going well.

Anonymous said...

Hey, the school bus is a big deal!! lol I'm freaking out a little myself, with the thought of my little guy getting on one in the fall, but they just love it!

Good to see that you're feeling encouraged!

Carmen said...

That is amazing! I'm not sure if Ben would do that today! And he loos thrilled!